Best Dog Food Buyer’s Guide 2022

  Nowadays, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like dogs. These adorable pets are an essential pillar in the lives of many of us since they give us everything and do not ask much in return. They only need walks, affection, veterinary care, and good dog food adapted to their needs.

  Today we make a guide that deals with this, food for your furry. We will have to consider such essential criteria as the type of dog (breed or not), age, physical condition, and lifestyle, among others. But, for now, let’s see what the most important thing to remember about feeding your dog is.

  The most important thing

  Not all dog foods have the same quality. For example, there are premium brands (high-end, more expensive, and composed of qualified ingredients), regular (not with harmful components, but not so good), and generic (usually come in bulk or sell the vast majority of supermarkets). We will give more details throughout this guide.

  Your pet’s food and health go hand in hand: the more you invest (not just money) in his food, the healthier and the more he will thank you for it. If you falter in this area, your dog could have many problems, both in the short and long term.

  Although there is not only dry food (there is also wet and semi-moist food), in this guide, we will write exclusively about the first type because, in our opinion, it is the best adapted to all kinds of breeds. You should consult your veterinarian if you have any doubts about their feeding.

  Best Dog Food Buyer’s Guide 2022: our recommendations

  Have you been given a dog as a gift? Have you decided to adopt one that has been abandoned? We congratulate you; we know it will be pleased and at ease in your hands. For that, you not only have to take him for walks and pet him but also take care of his health (digestion and coat quality, among others), and what better way than preventing diseases with a good diet?

 The best dog food products on the market


Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Dog Food for Adult Dogs

Dogs naturally crave meat, much like they ate in the wild. That’s why every batch of Chewy’s Chicken Dinner Patties starts with 95% chicken (always cage-free), organs, and bone plus 100% organic certified fruits and vegetables to guarantee your pet is eating as nature intended.
Royal Canin Medium Breed Adult Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Medium Breed Adult Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Medium Breed Adult Dry Dog Food is precise nutrition specifically made for dogs 1–7 years old weighing 23–55 lb.
A blend of prebiotics and antioxidants for dogs supports natural defenses for immune support.
Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Small Breed Dry Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Small Breed Dry Dog Food

Blue Buffalo foods always feature real meat as the first ingredient; High-quality protein from real chicken helps your dog build and maintain healthy muscles; Plus, they contain wholesome whole grains, garden veggies, and fruit.
Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein

A recipe made to satisfy your dog’s natural love for meat, this high-protein dog food features real chicken to help build and maintain lean muscle mass.
BLUE Wilderness grain-free dog food, made with healthy carbohydrates including sweet potatoes and peas, helps fuel your adult dog’s active lifestyle; It also contains omega 3 & 6 fatty acids to support skin and coat health

  Buying Guide: What you need to know about dog food

  It’s time to answer the questions that every dog owner has. We will emphasize the most frequent doubts, offering appropriate advice and detailing everything you need to know to feed your dog correctly, which will result in his happiness and life expectancy.

  What is dog food, and what are the advantages of dry dog food?

  It is a dry food that comes from pellets or small croquettes. The intention is to cover our furry friends’ nutritional needs to maintain good physical and mental health. And this has a lot to do with the type of food you give them, as there are three main types. [1]Wet vs. Dry Dog Food: Advantages & Disadvantages

  Premium feed: It is of the highest quality. Therefore, it is usually more expensive. Think that if you invest in good food, your dog will have better digestion. The consequence will be: less gas, better stool quality, better health and will be satiated for longer.

  Regular feed: It is usually bought more often, mainly because of its affordable price. In any case, and although not all products in this category are of poor quality, it is challenging to find an excellent quality-price balance.

  Generic feed: It is usually the most sold in supermarkets. Regularly offered by white brands, they contain poor quality ingredients (they typically add a lot of cereal, which is very fattening for dogs), which is finally noticeable in their digestive health.

  In this section, we focus exclusively on dry dog food because it is the most common and cost-effective in terms of price, storage, and shelf life. Not only that, but it also contains more nutrients and is more balanced than other alternatives. We leave you a table where you can see the benefits and disadvantages of this dog food.

  • More economical
  • Removes tartar
  • Does not soil
  • Holds longer
  • Easy to ration
  • Better digestion (especially in the premium or high-range feeds).
  • Very dry, so your dog needs constant water
  • Sometimes it isn’t easy to find a feed with a pleasant taste.
  • Can become repetitive

  What types of dog food are there?

  In addition to the above distinction, it is also necessary to look at another typology. Earlier, we alluded to dry dog food, and, indeed, in the Ranking, we focus exclusively on this type of product. But we cannot forget that there is also wet and semi-moist feed, which we will detail. [2]How to Choose the Best Dog Food

  When it comes to feeding our pets, we cannot close ourselves and believe that one type of food is the best. The secret of a balanced diet rich in nutrients lies in knowing how to combine different foods because your dog will appreciate the variety. Imagine if you were fed chicken and rice every day, you would get tired of it.

Types of foodFeatures
SecaThe best-selling product. Usually has better quality ingredients—the fundamental pillar of a healthy diet.
WetComes in cans with lots of water and wet food. It stains quite a bit, and the container requires constant washing.
Semi-wetIt is sold in plastic package format. It does not have a good dietary balance.

  How much dog food does my puppy need?

  If you have just had a litter or have acquired a puppy, you will know that its nutritional needs are radically different from those of an adult individual. However, as he grows, we must adapt his food so that the introduction to adult kibble is optimal. Now we see it with a table to make it more transparent.

Age of puppyFood requirements
Up to 8 weeks Breast milk. You can offer wet food from the third week, so it is easier to assimilate. In the sixth week, you can introduce puppy food and breast milk.
From 2 to 3 monthsThey eat four times a day. It is better to feed five times if it is a small breed (such as a Chihuahua). If in doubt, consult your veterinarian.
3 to 6 monthsReduce the feeding frequency to 3 times a day, as he is already used to it.
De 6 months to 1 yearNow your pet eats two times a day.

  Food for adult dogs: sizes and quantities

  Unlike puppies, adult individuals are already fully formed, so they will be able to eat all kinds of food. That is why we must adapt the food to certain routines and lifestyles. In addition, you know that the size and weight of dogs do not coincide in all breeds. Now we will show you what you need to know.

Dog sizeWeightRequirements
Very smallLess than 4 kgCalcium to prevent constipation and tartar formation.
SmallUp to 10 kgFoods with high energy intake.
MediumBetween 11 and 25 kgSkincare and natural defenses.
GreatBetween 26 and 44 kgDigestible food with chondroprotective for joint and digestive health.
GiantsMore than 45 kgHeart health and antioxidants.

  How much is dog food necessary per day?

  This depends on many factors since we must take into account the age of your pet, the breed, the size, the physical constitution, its state of health (it does not eat the same if it is healthy or sick), or if you have a pregnant dog, among many other specifications. In any case, as a general rule, you can consider a percentage between 2 and 3% of your pet’s weight. [3]How Often Should Dogs Eat And How Much?

  Thus, by weighing your pet (which we recommend doing once a month so that there are no problems due to overweight or excessive thinness) and calculating 3% of that value, you will know what amount of food to offer. In any case, almost all pet food packages include a table for guidance, detailing what quantity and frequency are necessary.

  How to feed dog food to my overweight pet?

  First of all, you must make sure that this is true. To do this, we invite you to palpate your dog’s side. If you can feel the ribs, your pet is healthy. If you can’t handle the bones, you must help your pet lose weight. This usually happens by not giving him the food he needs (many owners offer human food). [4]Getting the Overweight Dog in Shape

  It is not convenient since, for example, pasta, having a lot of carbohydrates, is assimilated in the form of sugar, which makes them accumulate fat. It is, therefore, necessary to discard this habit and replace it with good eating habits. Dogs need to eat on time and maintain a stable routine, using only their food.

Did you know that the “fingerprint” of dogs is their nose, also called the truffle?

  My dog does not put on weight; what dog food should I give him?

  In this case, the problem is not that he eats a lot or poorly, but that he is not getting the necessary nutrients or the amount that his body requires. This may be because he does not like the food you are offering or because of a health problem such as intestinal parasites.

  This may not be the reason, but a mental reason, such as nervousness. Some dog breeds are seriously affected by environmental changes or owners’ behavior. If you can get him to calm down, he may return to eating correctly. Another reason may be that he is eating but not getting the nutrients he needs from the food.

  If this is the case, we strongly recommend that you invest in premium foods, as they have many health benefits (better digestion and better assimilation of nutrients). It needs food with 23% of proteins, besides requiring a better taste. Mix the dry feed with a can of wet food to do this.

  Purchasing criteria

  The truth has arrived: what do you need to know when buying dog food? Here are some criteria to consider so that you don’t get lost among so many products, ingredients, and brands. Feeding your dog correctly is not usually easy, but if you are interested, you can choose the best outcome.


  The first thing you see when you pick up a dog food package is the list of ingredients. You know that this is crucial for your pet because the composition of the kibble has a direct impact on its overall health, both physical and mental. The following list shows a series of nutrients, ordered from highest to lowest percentage.

  •   Protein: It is an essential component in the diet of our dogs (beneficial for muscles, bones, and the immune system), so the food you choose should contain a high percentage. Likewise, we can make a classification of different types of meat protein.
  •   Lamb: It is one of the most delicious foods for dogs since its caloric, and protein content is considerable. Offering your pet a feed with lamb will make its stools more consistent (especially in animals with a tendency to develop digestive problems).
  •   Chicken: Helps to maintain strong and healthy muscles.
  •   Salmon: It is a dog food protein that is very easy to assimilate and promotes the health of the coat and skin. This type of fish is beneficial for your pet’s teeth and bones.
  •   Fats: Also known as lipids or oils (and “ethereal extract” in the scientific community), they are another fundamental pillar of your pet’s balanced diet. They are responsible for giving a good taste to food and providing energy. They also maintain body temperature and are involved in the movement of muscles and body organs.
  •   Carbohydrates are sugars and saccharides that, together with fats, provide energy. It is essential to offer your pet pre-digested cereals because of their short digestive tract. If this requirement is not met, the canine’s organism will not be able to digest the food well when it passes through the small intestine and reaches the large intestine raw. It will then ferment, causing diarrhea and flatulence.


  Vitamins are a component of your dog’s daily diet. For example, vitamin B is responsible for maintaining a solid and silky coat. In case of deficiency of this nutrient, it can degenerate into problems in the reproductive system, nervous or immune system, among others.

  So vitamins and minerals are necessary. You should choose a dog food with vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K, which will give your pet a supply of antioxidants, a reasonable regulation of calcium and phosphorus (two minerals involved in bone ossification), antibacterial protection, and optimal vision, among many other benefits.

  Helps defenses

  Dogs are not made of steel. Sometimes they get sick, so prevention is always better than cure. If we choose the first option, we will have to choose foods for the furry ones that contain these protections. The immune system provides defenses against bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses. If these defenses do not do their job, it could be due to some causes.

  Sudden changes in temperature, prolonged stress, pollution, or nutritional deficiency can probably cause a weakening of your dog’s defenses. Suitable nutrients to solve this problem are, among others, Omega 3, vitamins E and C, taurine, and lutein. This set of nutrients prevents the excessive release of free radicals.


  They are fibers of vegetable origin that are not digested by the small intestine and encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria in your dog’s large intestine. They are the natural food of probiotics (live bacteria good for the digestive tract). Unlike probiotics, prebiotics is not alive so that they can withstand sudden temperature changes.

  So, instead of ingesting bacteria, if you choose foods composed of prebiotics, you will be offering your dog food for the good bacteria in the large intestine, which regulates the hormone level. It also reduces inflammation and increases the absorption of nutrients from your dog’s body.


  Finally, we are convinced that premium dog food, even if it means higher financial investment, will benefit your pet in the long run because premium dog food has a radically different treatment in its preparation, choosing ideal ingredients and adding necessary vitamins and minerals.

  Good ingredients and components are part of the three pillars of digestibility of premium food products, along with the other two: proper formulation (optimal fiber and mineral content) and avoiding overcooking.) Likewise, ask your veterinarian if your pet needs prescription food.


  Buying dog food is not a fool’s errand. Although many supermarkets want to sell you any product and we, moved by economic interests, give in to temptation, we may not be doing any favor to the pet. That’s why knowing about pet food is in your best interest.

  If you follow our food and nutrition guidelines, you can be sure you’re doing the right thing. We know that a pet takes time because your job as a pet owner is not only to walk, pet, water, and feed your pet but also to look after your pet’s health. Remember, health always starts “in the mouth.”

  This is the end of the complete guide to dog food. We hope you liked it and if so, remember to share it on your social networks and comment in the section below. See you next time!




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