Best Smart TV Box Buying Guide for 2022

  Today’s televisions are becoming less and less of a “dumb box.” Today, through Smart TVs, it is possible to access many channels and different on-demand TV platforms, such as Netflix, HBO, or Amazon Prime; you can surf the Internet, play video games and even download applications.

  However, it is possible that all these developments have caught you on the wrong foot and that your TV does not allow you to enjoy all or some of these features. Don’t worry; the solution is quite simple. Bright TV Boxes will enable you to turn your TV into a genuine multimedia center with which you can access these services and many more.

  The most important

  Virtually all Smart TV Boxes run Android-based operating systems, making them very versatile devices with access to many services and applications.

  With a Smart TV Box, you can turn your TV into a Smart TV and enjoy a host of new features and the ability to connect to on-demand TV platforms such as Netflix.

  When choosing a Smart TV Box, you have to consider purchasing criteria such as its design or its technical features, such as the processor or RAM, as well as its operating system.

  The best Smart TV Boxes on the market: our recommendations

  Here is the selection of Smart TV Box that we have prepared for you from REVIEW BOX. We have elaborated it, trying to include very varied items. In it, you can find from the favorite Smart TV Box of online users to the one that offers the best value for money.

XBMCMart Smart Android TV Box Player

XBMCMart Smart Android TV Box Player

Access your favorite apps like Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, YouTube, and more.
Android TV Box with the latest technology. Equipped with a web browser to allow many applications, games, Skype (online video chat), web browsing, online office applications, and more
User-friendly interface for easy navigation with remote support to help with any issues or questions. A full reset option is also available.
Android TV Box 11.0 8GB RAM 64GB ROM

Android TV Box 11.0 8GB RAM 64GB ROM

The latest Android TV box 11.0 is powered by the RK3566 chip, 2021, the newest Rockchip processor. With the most recent Android 11.0 OS and robust CUP & GPU, it runs faster and smoother. New UI design and improved device & media controls. Support more privacy controls, OTA, and mobile phone screen casting.
Android TV Box 11.0 4GB 64GB Smart TV Box

Android TV Box 11.0 4GB 64GB Smart TV Box

Android 10.0 OS TV Box was updated from Android 9.0 and heavily tested for three months; with the more efficient Android 10.0 OS, it has a better compatibility of software, better games and applications, and a better user experience.
Android 10.0 TV Box, MECOOL KM2 Smart TV Box Netflix Google Certified

Android 10.0 TV Box, MECOOL KM2 Smart TV Box Netflix Google Certified

The android TV box is equipped with Android 10.0 OS, powered by Amlogic S905X2-B Quad-core cortex-A53 Ultra high-frequency CPU, which makes sure the android box is running stable and smooth to load movies, pictures, and games without a buffer. It is perfect for home entertainment, theater, business use, and more.

  Buying Guide: What you should know about Smart TV Boxes

  When buying a Smart TV Box, you must consider several important issues. Do not forget that there are different Smart TV Box models and that not all of them offer the same features.

  What exactly are Smart TV Boxes?

  Bright TV Boxes are small computers designed to turn any TV into a Smart TV. Thus, TVs can connect to the Internet and access different streaming TV platforms.

  For this reason, they are often referred to as Android TV Boxes. However, in general, the version of Android used by these devices has been modified by the manufacturer to adapt and optimize it to the characteristics of the equipment and its control system.

  What does a Smart TV Box allow me to access?

  To begin with, as we have already mentioned, with a Smart TV Box, you can connect your TV to the Internet. This, in itself, already allows you to access all the content available on the network. Undoubtedly, a whole world of possibilities that we summarize below.

  •   On-demand content platforms: Some are as popular as Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, Movistar+, or Disney Plus. Others, perhaps less known, such as Filmin, Acorn TV, MUBI, or Rakuten TV.
  •   Video games: You can turn your TV into a video game console. In the case of Smart TV Boxes with the Android operating system, you can even play many of the games available for Android smartphones.
  •   Youtube: You can play Youtube videos on your TV and even at 4K resolution.
  •   Applications: They allow you to download many applications, turning your TV into a complete Smart TV. So, thanks to these devices, you can check your email, access social networks, read the news, and much more directly on your TV.
  •   Connect other devices: Another exciting possibility is to play content directly from a computer, tablet, or cell phone.

  What are the advantages and disadvantages of Smart TV Boxes?

  The following table summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of having a Smart TV Box. As you can see, the former far outweighs the latter.


  •   Allows you to turn your TV into a Smart TV
  •   Their price is usually quite affordable
  •   Allow you to access on-demand TV platforms, such as Netflix
  •   Its dimensions are pretty small
  •   You can access all the applications available in the Google Play Store
  •   They have a remote control
  •   They are straightforward to use


  •   It involves having another appliance in the living room

  For whom is it advisable to buy a Smart TV Box?

  You should buy a Smart TV Box mainly if you do not have a Smart TV. It is also possible that the Smart TV does not use Android as the operating system. Of course, you may also need a new one because the one you have does not allow you to have the latest versions of the apps of platforms such as Netflix.

  Why do I need a Smart TV Box if I already have a Smart TV?

  Suppose you are thinking of acquiring or having a Smart TV with an operating system other than Android TV. In that case, you may be interested in receiving a Smart TV Box to complete its features and be able to access Android applications and functionalities. As you can see in the following table, some manufacturers are betting on their operating systems.

ManufacturerOperating system
Panasonicfirefox os
Haier, Philips, HiSense, TCL, Xiaomi o LeEcoAndroid TV

  What are the alternatives to Smart TV Boxes?

  Currently, there is a wide variety of alternatives to Smart TV Boxes. On the one hand, there are HTPCs (Home Theater PC); on the other hand, mini PCs and Chromecast. We have prepared a complete comparison in the following table.

Caja de TV inteligenteHTPCmini PCChromecast
Main featuresIt has a remote control. In addition, since they use Android as an operating system, you can enjoy all its applications. They are straightforward to install.These are small computers intended for use as multimedia centers. They have minimal storage capacities.These are small desktop computers. They can be connected to the TV to play content.It is the easiest way to turn a TV into a Smart TV. However, it does not have as many functions as a Smart TV Box. In addition, it cannot be used without a cell phone.
Operating systemAndroidWindows 10, Android, LinuxWindows 10, Mac OS, LinuxChrome OS. While they are controlled with the cell phone, therefore, that of the cell phone.
UsesTurn a TV into a Smart TV.Mainly as multimedia centers, but also productivity.They are varied, although they can also serve as multimedia centers.Stream content from the mobile to the TV.
PriceThey are pretty economical.Cheaper than a personal computer, but not as cheap as a Smart TV Box.It varies according to performance. In any case, it is the highest of the four.Very economical.

  Purchasing criteria

  When purchasing a Smart TV Box, you must consider several buying criteria. To make it easier for you, we have chosen the ones that, in our opinion, are indispensable.


  Since Smart TV Boxes are usually placed in the living room next to the TV, so their design is considerably more critical than other devices. Thus, you can opt for colorful equipment, such as the BQEEL Android TV Box, or much more sober designs, such as the MECOOL KM9 or the Xiaomi Mi TV Box S. But, above all, you should choose a compact model.

  Accepted resolution and formats

  When it comes to playing content, one of the most important differences between the different models of Smart TV Box is the resolution and accepted formats. Today, you will find models that support Full HD resolutions and other 4K. In addition, they must be compatible with HDR and have Dolby Vision certification.

  If you want to play YouTube content in 4K HDR resolution, you must ensure that the Smart TV Box you buy has the VP9 codec since only those with it can do so. And, of course, it is essential that you check which video and audio formats it is compatible with, lest you get a surprise later.

  Processor and RAM

  Although it is possible to find Smart TV Boxes with chips with up to eight cores, the truth is that, at present, most come with two or four-core processors, which comply perfectly to play content. However, if you plan to take advantage of the TV Box also to play games, you need one that has a sufficiently powerful processor.

  Most current Smart TV Boxes move from 2 GB to 4 GB of RAM. In these devices, an extra gigabyte of RAM is quite noticeable in performance, so our advice is not to fall short in this aspect. Above all, avoid, as far as possible, purchasing a device that only comes with 1 GB of RAM.

  Operating System

  Although with very few exceptions, all Smart TV Boxes use the Android operating system, not all use the same version. Therefore, you must check which one is installed on the device you will buy, what features it offers, and even which version has guaranteed updates.


  In terms of connectivity, it is necessary to take into account, on the one hand, wireless connectivity and, on the other hand, the different ports or connections available. Regarding the latter, it must have an HDMI port, USB ports, much better if they are USB Type-C, and an Ethernet cable connection.

  The Wi-Fi connection must be compatible with the dual-band of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Thus, you can connect it to the freer one, ensuring more excellent stability and a higher transfer rate. And finally, it never hurts if it also offers Bluetooth connectivity. Not all of them do.

  Storage capacity

  Currently, Smart TV Boxes do not have a large storage capacity. It makes sense, given that most of the content you will play directly from the Internet. Thus, it is common to find devices ranging from 8 GB. Of course, in many cases, in the form of eMMC flash memory, much faster.


  Virtually all Smart TV Boxes include a remote control. Some also allow control via an app installed on the cell phone. Others come with a practical mini keypad that adds a lot of possibilities to the device. And some allow voice control through some of the existing voice assistants.


  Television continues to be the leading entertainment center in most Spanish households. However, its continuous evolution has considerably transformed how we relate to it and the possibilities it offers us. Therefore, there is nothing better than having a modern Smart TV in the living room with which to enjoy our favorite movie or series.

  Bright TV Boxes are the best way to turn your old TV into a complete multimedia center. They are very economical devices whose use is straightforward, intuitive, and thorough. You can access many features and an impressive catalog of Android applications with them.




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