The best hair dryer with brush recommendation in 2022

  You get home after a long day and jump into the shower. There are few things more relaxing than this process, which you can top off by washing and massaging your hair. Sounds good. Well, it’s not all that wonderful.

  Once out of the water, we are forced to dry our hair so as not to get cold. We have to grab the hairdryer and go through a long process that causes us to comb our hair afterward, wasting a lot of time.

  But… What would you think if I told you that there is a device that simplifies this process? A device that combines the possibility of drying and styling hair, saving time. Introducing the brush hairdryer.

  We are talking about an invention that combines the options of a hairdryer with that of a conventional brush. With it, we prevent the frizz effect of the hair, save time, and gain in quality of our hair.

  Being a product that has been on the market for a short time, we must know firsthand the number of models that exist, so the idea is to review this comparison to find the one that best suits us.

  5 tips for buying a top brush hair dryer

  To choose a hairdryer brush that can give us a good performance, we must analyze specific aspects and characteristics of this type of product in detail, as they will mark the performance it can offer us.

  •   Power: The power will determine to a large extent, the drying capacity of this product, so we must choose one that has this value relatively high. In addition, there will be less chance of damage.
  •   Coating: It is essential to see what material this product is made of. Usually, we will find hair dryers with ceramic brushes, but we should not rule out other materials such as titanium or tourmaline.
  •   Temperature: As with all products that treat the hair, the temperature they can reach becomes a sensitive and vital issue. As each type of hair needs a specific temperature, the ideal is to use a hair dryer comb with a regulator, which allows us to set the one that suits us best.
  •   Weight and size: This is something to consider when discussing an element of these characteristics. It is advisable to choose a size that is easy to adapt to our hands and has a weight that does not complicate us much to take it.
  •   Functions: This device can usually carry out different roles, whether ionic, steam, or rotary. Therefore, choosing a model with the most incredible possible diversity of modes is an excellent idea to have a complete hair dryer brush.

The best hair dryer with brush recommendation in 2022

REVLON One-Step Volumizer PLUS 2.0

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Like most dryers, this model has three temperature settings, two hot and one cold air, so you can select the one you like best or the one you need. However, another drawback of this version is that it doesn’t include additional accessories like heads. However, you don’t need it because its simple system is enough to leave your hair better than a normal hairdryer.
REVLON 1100 Watt 3 Heat 2 Speed Pro

REVLON 1100 Watt 3 Heat 2 Speed Pro

It has two different heat temperatures and several speeds to choose from. It also includes a separate button to generate cold air and keep the hairstyle firmer. The four heads are suitable for most hair types, even short hair, and are easily interchangeable. They can be easily removed and washed.
REVLON One-Step Volumizer Original

REVLON One-Step Volumizer Original

Its ergonomic handle has a tab to select one of the two heat modes it incorporates or press the cold air button if that is what you need. It includes two brushes with fences of two different sizes, depending on whether it is thinner or thicker, depending on the hair type. Also, another one to create defined curls or waves and one to straighten the hair.
REVLON One-Step Volumizer Original

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It also achieves this by its ion emitter, which, in addition, tries to reduce the static electricity of the hair generated by the electrical appliance and create a more significant looseness in the hair. It has the advantage that this brush dryer produces an automatic twist to achieve a natural hairstyle. In addition, it includes two different ceramic brushes to suit your hair type.

  How to dry your hair with a blow dryer brush

  It is essential to know which model to choose and its main features to be clear about using a product of these characteristics, so let’s review a few simple steps.

  1. Check temperature

  Once we have turned on the device, the first step is to see what temperature the air is coming out of it. To do this, we must put it on the palm of our hand and see if those degrees are the right ones to dry our hair without hurting us.

  2. Drying with care

  The drying action should be done carefully, trying to keep the device at a distance of about 20 centimeters from our hair and always starting from the root. In addition, we must not stop moving it at any time.

  3. Other tips

  Different tips can be helpful in this type of situation. One of them is to give cold air blows when we are doing the drying to provide more management to our hair. On the other hand, if we have sensitive hair, we can use a spray to protect against the heat of this appliance.

  Guide to buying a hair dryer brush

  Beyond analyzing models and ways of use, if we want to get a good hairdryer with a brush, we must be attentive to specific details that these products present, which are very important to make a good decision.

  Types of hair dryer brushes

  This product has developed so much in recent years that it has a very varied typology in the market, so it will be interesting to know it first hand to see which one suits us best.

  •   Fixed: This is the most convenient model since it has a fixed head where we must roll our hair to comb and dry it. Its main advantage is that it usually avoids hair tangles.
  •   Standard swivel: It has a swivel head that adds volume to the hair once it is used. It is suitable for blow-drying because it covers a lot of hair as it rotates.
  •   Double rotation: Its particularity is that it has buttons that rotate the head to one side or the other. This, which might seem silly, can make each curl look different, giving the hair a curious sensation.
  •   Interchangeable: It has different accessories and additional elements. It is prepared for all types and lengths of hair to create different styles.
  •   Tangle-free: Its main feature is a button that allows it to rotate and release tangled or messy locks.

  Advantages of having a blow dryer brush

  Being a not very typical product, many people may doubt whether it is worth betting on an outcome with these characteristics. To convince them, here is a series of advantages it can bring us. [1]What Are The Benefits Of A Hairdryer?

  •   Convenience and simplicity: It is a device that will allow us to treat our hair in a very comfortable and straightforward way, which will enable us to innovate with our looks.
  •   Accessible: We are talking about an invention with reasonably limited technology accessible to anyone. In addition, its price is nothing exaggerated.
  •   Several extra elements: This type of product usually has an extensive list of additional features that allow it to be much more complete than it is in origin.
  •   Safe and durable: It usually has all kinds of safety elements to avoid accidents. On the other hand, its materials are suitable and can last long.

  Blow dryer brush or traditional hair dryer

  It is a debate that exists in all products of this type. What is better, the original product or its innovation? In this case, there are many doubts since what the traditional model gives us still has much to say compared to what its evolution can provide us. [2]The Great Blow Dryer vs. Hot Air Brush Debate

  A traditional hair dryer can give us better performance in drying the hair, as it usually has a larger size and higher power. This makes it much faster in the moisture removal function than the brush dryer.

  However, this second model is more complete. Indeed, it may not dry like its counterpart, but it includes the option of combing, so the time we lose in drying is gained with this other function. In addition, this one allows us to modulate our look with the numerous accessories it usually incorporates.

  Choose your blow-dryer brush according to your hair type and length

  The type and length of your hair will determine to a large extent, the kind of hair dryer you choose. In both cases, we must consider the product size and its ability to provide heat.

  As for the type of hair, we must consider that if we have more delicate hair, it is essential to choose a model that allows us to regulate low heat values. The opposite will be valid for more voluminous hair, where we must be guaranteed a high heat. In addition, the size also plays an important role, a small brush for fine hair and a large one for the other.

  On the other hand, when we talk about the length of the hair, we are back to the same thing. In this case, it will also be advisable to go for a more petite hair dryer brush when we have shorter hair and go for larger models if we have long hair.

  How to clean a brush dryer?

  As with any other product of these characteristics, proper maintenance is vital for the development to last. In the case of the blow dryer brush, the ideal thing to do is maintain it responsibly, focusing on what to do after use.

  In this case, we must remove all the excess hair on the brush. Once we have done this, passing a towel with a bit of hot wait on it is recommended to remove any toxins. This should always be done with the appliance turned off and not connected to electricity.

  Doubts you may have

  Can blow dryers damage hair?

  They can, but it is up to us to avoid it. An excess temperature usually causes this problem, so we must choose a model with a team with a regulator to keep this value under control. [3]Do Blow-Dryers Ruin Yo?

  How do I choose a hot airbrush?

  If you have super fine hair, look for soft to medium bristles. If your hair is over-processed or damaged, choose a brush with a ceramic heater and use a lower temperature setting. Use a fine curly air styler brush with an ion generator if your hair is curly.

  Is a hot airbrush better than flat iron?

  Flat irons work faster than straightening brushes, so if you want your hair straightened tight, opt for a quickly formed one. They’re also generally more inexpensive than straightening brushes. But, there’s a good chance you’re able to you cant hot tool in your budget.

  Can you use a hot air brush on wet hair?

  For best results, it’s recommended to use a hot air brush on damp hair. This is because wet hair is more malleable and more accessible to style than dry. Also, applying hot airflow from a blow dryer or hot airbrush can dehydrate and damage dry hair. [4]Is it advisable to use the Hot Brush on wet hair?

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