The Best Fitness Tracker Selection Guide for 2022

  Physical exercise is vital to keep us active; keeping fit is a challenge that includes discipline and effort; even if it is just a walk in the morning or a routine in the gym, it is ideal to find ways to improve results. To do this, we should start by measuring what we do, exactly what the fitness tracker has come for.

  Walking is an excellent example of how you can keep your body fit. However, on many occasions, the benefits that could be achieved by including technology in these routines are underestimated. The data analysis increases the control over the exercises, and the result could be different.

  The most important

  Fitness trackers are usually band-shaped and worn on the wrist, but some can also be worn over clothing or other clothing. Even models are designed to be tied around the ankle or in shoes. Some have a screen to facilitate reading the information and others send the information to the computer.

  Many fitness trackers are resistant to water (splashes or sweat). However, some submersible models are intended for activities related to swimming and some others with which you can easily take a shower.

  All activity trackers possess two main qualities: counting steps and calculating calories. Although every day, these devices are more common to measure sleep and the distance traveled. They can also include an altimeter and accelerometer to measure the path traveled on stairs or speed.

  The best fitness trackers on the market: our recommendations

  To find the right option, you should not only analyze the needs to be covered during your sports activities, such as water resistance or the inclusion of an altimeter, but it is also prudent to know the market’s options. We present a list for you to choose the best suits your routine.

Fitbit Charge 5 Advanced Fitness & Health Tracker

Fitbit Charge 5 Advanced Fitness & Health Tracker

Get a daily Stress Management Score showing your body’s response to stress and take steps to improve your levels with an on-wrist EDA sensor mindfulness session.
Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch

Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch

EDA Scan app detects electrodermal activity, which may indicate your body’s response to stress, and a built-in skin temperature sensor logs yours each night so you can see when it varies
Fitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitness Smartwatch

Fitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitness Smartwatch

Run, bike, hike, and more phone-free and see your real-time pace & distance with built-in GPS. Then check out your workout intensity map in the Fitbit app.
Fitbit Inspire 2 Health & Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Inspire 2 Health & Fitness Tracker

Earn Active Zone Minutes as you progress toward your weekly 150 minutes of heart-pumping activity and use 20 plus exercise modes to track goals like distance, calories burned, and more.
Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker for Kids

Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker for Kids

Steps & active minutes tracking lets kids skip, jump & move their way to a healthier life. The syncing range is up to 6 meters.
Kids earn virtual badges and fun on-screen celebrations when they reach their goals. Operating temperature: 14° to 113° F

  what you should know about fitness trackers

  Of course, when it comes to making decisions that will directly affect our daily lives, it is wise to educate yourself in-depth about some features and functions of a fitness tracker. That is why we show you more details about this product, to answer all your questions beforehand.

  What exactly is the fitness tracker?

  Also called an activity tracker is a device whose purpose is to follow the details of the information related to the body and physical activity. That is, to track the distance traveled on a walk, calculate the consumption of calories, and sometimes even the heart rate or even the quality of sleep.

  Why is it advisable to use a fitness tracker?

  Getting an activity tracker is a giant step in your quest for a healthier life. However, regardless of the reason you have decided, for health or sport, a fitness tracker can be of great help and is also usually much more affordable than gym subscriptions.

  Many of these devices can display data in real-time and help you in different areas through specialized applications and websites. In addition, they can also promote the achievement of established goals through their system of signals and rewards that help maintain the motivation necessary to perform in the sport.

  Did you know that brisk walking helps you reduce body fat?

  Why should you get a fitness tracker?

  It is not essential; exercising and staying active is possible without using an exercise tracker. However, the most valued function of this equipment is that it helps to follow goals and evaluate progress. To confirm the integrity of this statement, we find several reasons:

  •   May yield short-term results: Although few studies have been done in the area, a study from the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that compared to people who used no training device or just a simple pedometer, those with trackers were 62 minutes more active during the week.
  •   Features with great precision: For the most part, activity trackers provide high accuracy; that is, they are exact, especially when counting physical activity, such as in its pedometer or kilometer function. However, for calorie counting and sleep measurement, there may be limitations. Even so, in this aspect, the precision has not been an inconvenience for the users.
  •   Greater control oversleep: It is not only practical for daily tasks, it is ideal for controlling the hours we sleep, and it also records the movements we make during sleep and shows them in a graph. As if that were not enough, it has a “silent” alarm clock function that will be activated when your last sleep ends.

  How to make efficient use of the fitness tracker?

  These devices can measure heart rate and other activities; such monitoring is why they promote positive results. According to alternative medicine physician Joseph Michael Mercola, fitness trackers are an option that can help you keep your body moving, increase your motivation through feedback, and help you stay fit and lose weight.

  To get in shape and get the best results, besides a positive experience, several factors could make a difference; we recommend you use the activity tracker efficiently. For this, you can consider the following tips.

  Should you test the performance of the fitness tracker?

  If you have not used one before, it is worth trying first-hand how a fitness tracker works. The reason is that they are highly customizable equipment that adapts to each person’s routine, and the level of precision varies from equipment to equipment. And some are designed for specific tasks.

  Some brands on the market offer a trial period for a few days; It also works to install an application for your smartphone, that although they will not be able to monitor your sleep, you will be able to review the feedback provided by the monitoring and review the effectiveness of receiving such information.

  What functions are engaged in a fitness tracker?

  Not all fitness trackers have the same functions or the same precision. That is why it is prudent to think about your goals before buying an activity tracker; in this way, you ensure good performance and positive results; first, define the features you need.

  Some will give you accurate sleep monitoring, but others will be better at counting calories. Choose the one that best suits your requirements. If you practice any sport, consider what you need, there are special devices for running, swimming or cycling.

  Are fitness trackers worth it?

  A fitness tracker may help. Studies show that consistently using a fitness tracker—a device that tracks your movement, such as a traditional pedometer or another wearable device or a smartphone app—can increase your daily steps by more than a mile, especially if you establish a heart-smart daily goal.

  Will a fitness tracker motivate me?

  Daily Motivation

  Your tracker can show you how many calories you’ve burned, how many steps you’ve taken, and how long you’ve been active. They can also remind you when you aren’t getting that activity. This visual display of your progress can help you push harder, which leads to the next item on our list.

  Who needs a fitness tracker?

  A fitness tracker can help you figure out if you’re taking enough daily steps to being healthy. You can use it to see if you’re getting enough sleep or to measure your resting heart rate. Measure Progress Toward Goals.

  What can fitness trackers do?

  A fitness tracker lets you watch and record your heart rate, daily burned calories, and step counts. Self-tracking allows you to stick to a healthier diet, exercise more, and sleep better. Regular use of a fitness tracker boosts your daily workouts and makes them achievable.

  Do fitness trackers help with weight loss?

  People who wore research-grade fitness trackers (not available to the general public) lost the most weight (10 pounds) compared with people who did not use fitness trackers. People who wore commercially available fitness trackers (Like Fitbit or Jawbone) lost an average of 6 pounds and two BMI points.

  Are fitness trackers bad for your health?

  “If you are constantly checking your app or steps and measuring your worth by it, or have found that tracking your fitness and caloric intake is impeding your everyday personal and professional life, you could be priming yourself for certain mental health disorders,” Appleton said.

  Do fitness trackers track your location?

  Although most fitness trackers don’t have a GPS sensor built-in for tracking your location, many of them sync with your phone through Bluetooth to transfer data. This interaction process between the phone and the fitness band could potentially broadcast information about your location.

  Do fitness trackers put your privacy at risk?

  Most fitness trackers connect to your phone via Bluetooth. This means that potential security holes could allow hackers to access your information. Even without hacking your device, someone could ‘sniff’ the Bluetooth signal sent back to your smartphone to guess your PIN.

  Do fitness trackers cause radiation?

  So, are fitness trackers safe to wear? The answer is yes. These devices are similar to cell phones in terms of radiation. You can reduce your exposure to EMF radiation by keeping usage to a minimum and only when undertaking physical activity.

  Are fitness Apps Safe?

  Fitness and health apps are designed to help you record and quantify how much you exercise, what prescription drugs you take, and even what birth control methods you use. While these apps can help improve your health, they can also put your privacy at risk.

  Does a fitness tracker differentiate between steps and activities?

  Understanding this difference could be vital; because these devices could be intended to count steps, such as a pedometer, or monitor activities. The step count includes your movement to drink water or at lunchtime. Instead, training refers to the action performed during a specific time.

  Some fitness trackers can do both without a problem, but you’ll have to set it on others manually. If you want complete monitoring, including results when running on different terrains or measuring heart rate, you will have to opt for a more sophisticated one.

  Did you know that walking helps you strengthen your bones? Various studies indicate that walking daily is beneficial for your bones and your health in general.

  Purchase criteria

  As with any other product or service, we must consider the main aspects of a fitness tracker to find the device that best suits your needs. We have listed the essential criteria to consider before purchasing a fitness tracker to make it easier.


  Most fitness trackers have a band design and are designed to be worn on the wrist. Even so, many models have pinned so the device can be placed in areas such as the ankle or clothing. Plus, plenty of styles and colors make these trackers a fashionable accessory.

  Easy to use

  They are indeed all intended for general use. That is, anyone could use it, turn it on and hook it up. However, some devices require more detailed configuration than others. It is ideal to consider this because there are fitness trackers with specific functions and greater complexity.

  Additional functions

  The information you want to collect is a characteristic that could define your choice of activity tracker. Choose your equipment based on the data you want, if you want it to have a GPS location or to manage your sleep, for example, everything to make the most of your exercise routine.

  In many fitness trackers, it is possible to share the data with the computer in real-time, which allows you to track your progress electronically. The same goes for battery life or water resistance, in case you need to swim or dive with it.


  Not all activity trackers are equally accurate. However, if it has an altimeter, some focus on providing data of higher complexity, such as calories or the height you travel. Consider this aspect if you want to obtain positive results or need to account for some action in detail.


  Some fitness trackers include a small LED screen that allows you to read some data; others will enable you to read even text messages and notifications on social networks. The lighting also varies depending on the device you use; this is a factor to consider for use in open spaces or indoors.


  Activity trackers or fitness trackers can be a viable alternative to improve our physical performance or stay motivated regarding exercise; it can even be an accessory that completes the sporty style, relaxed, and offers you valuable information about your physical condition.

  However, these devices offer many more functions, making them ubiquitous today, especially for rigorous athletes and beginners looking for better results. For whatever reason, physical activity allows lengthening the time and quality of life; technology could be a promoter. Do you already know which one you need?



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