The Best Dog Toothpaste Buying Guide for 2022

  To keep your beloved dog in good breath and for his health, you should allow him to clean his teeth and gums at least three times a week. Different forms of toothbrushes require toothpaste specially made for them. It would help if you never gave yours as it can be poisonous.

  the most important

  Never give your dog toothpaste designed for humans. It can be poisonous. Remember, he didn’t understand that he was supposed to spit it out, and then he would swallow it.

  In addition to eliminating bad breath, your pet’s dental hygiene is directly related to its health. If the gums are not cleaned, they can spread bacteria to the internal organs.

  When buying toothpaste for your dog, in addition to a good-smelling toothpaste, make sure it contains healthy ingredients because dogs will swallow it. Also, you should know that you have good allies in the market, so your dog’s teeth come from TV commercials.

  The Best Dog Toothpaste: Our Recommendations

  You need to understand the most popular products on the market and the preferences of other people and their pets. So when you go shopping for a toothpaste for your dog, you’ll know what you’ll find.

Petsmile Professional Whitening Dog Toothpaste

Petsmile Professional Whitening Dog Toothpaste

Petsmile is the only VOHC-recommended toothpaste for your pet with Calprox. Veterinary Dentists choose Petsmile because of the high-quality ingredients that promote white teeth and healthy gums. The VOHC recognizes that Petsmile meets the highest standards for your pet’s oral health. Using Petsmile toothpaste and brushing daily will significantly improve your pet’s oral health.
Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste

Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste

Enzymatic toothpaste is specifically formulated using an enzyme system for dogs and cats to reduce plaque, freshen breath, and ensure a clean mouth with Beef flavor pets love.
Includes no foaming agents, so this toothpaste is safe for pets to swallow.
TropiClean Fresh Breath No Brushing Oral Care Gel for Pets

TropiClean Fresh Breath No Brushing Oral Care Gel for Pets

TropiClean Fresh Breath Clean Teeth Oral Care Gel is an easy way to help remove plaque and tartar buildup from your dog’s teeth. When used daily as directed, you can see cleaner teeth in 30 days or less!
Our Clean Teeth Oral Care Gel is formulated with a unique blend of ingredients that work together to help remove plaque & tartar safely and effectively!
Arm & Hammer for Pets Enzymatic Toothpaste for Dogs, 2.5 Oz - Dog Safe Toothpaste for Dog Teeth Cleaning - Arm and Hammer Toothpaste for Dogs - Dog Dental Care, Dog Enzymatic Toothpaste

Arm & Hammer for Pets Enzymatic Toothpaste for Dogs

Gently and effectively eliminates bad breath, reduces tartar buildup, and whitens and brightens your dog’s teeth.
Formulated with natural ingredients that work as a dog breath freshener leaving a pleasant mint scent to fight lousy dog breath

  Everything You Should Know About Dog Toothpaste

  If you’ve never cleaned your pet’s teeth and want to get started, we’ll give you tips in the following lines, so you know how to do it. It’s not hard for your big four-legged friend to get used to it. Give a lot of love in the process.

  Does my dog ​​need toothpaste?

  Yes. For the same reason, you need toothpaste. Unhygienic teeth can turn brown and can lead to premature tooth loss. In addition, dirt sometimes accompanies pain in the gums and internal organs. The accumulated bacteria can reach certain parts of the body through the blood.

  How can I get my dog ​​used to the smell of his toothpaste?

  The makers of these products recommend that you start by dipping a small amount of toothpaste on your teeth and gums when your dog has never done this critical task. Let him taste it. Sometimes they like the taste. Others don’t. Everything will be a matter of changing brands or products.

  What is Tartar Fighting Dog toothpaste, and how is it made?

  Tartar, as experts explain it, is the calcification of bacterial plaque. As we clarify in simpler words: Plaque, if it spends a lot of time on the teeth, hardens, and with the addition of other products consumed, they settle. At first, it has a more yellow tint. It gets darker and darker over time.

  In general, all products that animals eat, especially sweets that contain too much sugar, can build up bacteria on their teeth. If they aren’t cleaned with a good brush and toothpaste, they can stay on the teeth permanently and create a base for more microbes to arrive with the new food.

  Why does my dog ​​have black spots on his teeth that can’t be washed off with toothpaste?

  You should check your pet’s gums from time to time as they can tell you much about their health. If you see something extraordinary, you should see your veterinarian. If your dog has a condition like anemia, food poisoning, or internal bleeding, his gums won’t be as pink as you’ve always seen.

  But you should know that the dark spots that dogs usually have are completely normal. As ugly as they look, they do not affect your health or well-being. Not everyone has it, as it depends on the breed. If your gums are white or red, you may be sick, and you should consult a specialist.

  Can my dog ​​lick my face with toothpaste?

  People often prefer to avoid pet licks because of the foul-smelling breath that comes from their mouths. You won’t suffer from this bad breath problem if you brush your teeth. However, many people doubt whether it is healthy for dogs to stick their tongues through a person’s face. Many people love it because they love their pets.

  However, microbiologists concluded in the study that licking the mouth, eyes, nose, or wounds should be avoided. The problem is that a dog’s nose collects a lot of street bacteria. Don’t forget that dogs love to sniff the urine they find. Sometimes, even licking it.

  Can dogs use human toothpaste?

  Supplies to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth at Home

  You’re going to need dog-specific toothpaste. Human toothpaste has xylitol which is a toxic substance to dogs. There are many options, and they have great dog-friendly flavors like peanut butter and chicken.

  How do I make homemade dog toothpaste?


  •   Take a regular mixing bowl and dissolve one bouillon cube in the water.
  •   Add some baking soda to the bouillon and stir.
  •   Add coconut oil to the mixing bowl and continue stirring until the mixture is even.
  •   Store your doggy toothpaste in a small resealable container for storage.

  How can I clean my dog’s mouth naturally?

  Table of contents

  Feed your pup high-quality food.

  Serve vegetables and fruits for snacks.

  Use dried meat treats as dental chews.

  Give your dog chew toys.

  Offer raw bones to scrape teeth clean.

  Avoid chewing bones made of starches.

  Start a routine and try to scrub those teeth weekly.

  How can I freshen my dog’s breath?

  Adding roughly half a teaspoon of raw organic apple cider vinegar to your dog’s water bowl can help freshen up your breath. Supplementing your pup’s regular diet with a probiotic formulated specifically for dogs can help balance healthy oral bacteria and keep your breath smelling fresh.

  Can I brush my dog’s teeth with baking soda?

  Baking soda is a great product to eliminate bacteria and clean problem areas on your dog’s teeth. Making baking soda toothpaste for your small dog is very simple and easy to do. Brushing your dog’s teeth is essential for his overall health.

  purchase criteria

  To make a quality purchase that works for you, in the following lines, we’ll detail a series of buying criteria that you must consider. We don’t want you to spend your money in vain. If you think the advice we give you below, it probably won’t happen to you.

  raw material

  Toothpaste must contain healthy ingredients that are suitable for your pet. And don’t forget that xylitol is very common in our pastes and is toxic to dogs. The good news is that there are plenty of all-natural products for cleaning teeth and gums, so dog toothpaste tends to be very natural.

  Therefore, we found that bicarbonate is a good helper against tartar and plaque. Also, some oil, such as coconut oil, is often added to give it a more pleasing texture. As for flavor, you can add natural foods like cinnamon or lemon. The common denominator is that the toothpaste you’re buying will have the ingredients listed on the container.


  What’s important to you is that the ingredients are suitable for the animal’s body, and what’s most important to your dog is that the product tastes good. So choose the flavor according to your taste. There’s menthol to taste fresh in your mouth, but the paste can taste like chicken or beef if you don’t like it.


  The toothpaste must have a sure consistency to stay on the brush during cleaning. It will last a few seconds in the animal’s mouth if it is very runny. For this reason, your beloved pet’s toothpaste is usually very similar in texture to yours to perform its job.


  For toothpaste to function in promoting dog dental health, it needs allies that the market provides. Just putting toothpaste in your dog’s mouth and expecting a miracle won’t work. Below, we detail which other products can help dogs keep their advertised “smile”:

  •   toothbrush. They come in different forms: human toothbrushes, toys, or gloves for human fingers. You must choose a brush according to your pet’s taste and spend a few minutes a day, patience, and love in the cleaning process.
  •   Snacks for cleaning teeth. These treats aren’t perfect for cleaning on their own, but they’re instrumental, and animals love to bite them.
  •   Mouthwash: There are mouthwashes designed for dogs. They’re handy for animals that prefer meat-flavored toothpaste, as the mouthwash will give it a fresh scent.
  •   Healthy food: High-quality food is less harmful to your beloved pet’s mouth. Also, keep in mind that in addition to the fact that dogs love it, wet food provides moisture, but dry food is better for the teeth because biting on it strengthens them.

  Feedback from other buyers

  Never forget how important it is to know other people’s opinions and experiences with products that interest you. Most importantly, if you have a dog that is very picky about its food. The good news is that the internet provides an option for anyone who wants to comment to comment on their brand’s impression, which is very useful to others.


  Smells good, teeth are whiter, and the risk of contracting any disease is lower. Just like your mouthwash, it’s an ideal place to let all kinds of bacteria get into your body and do the same for your dog. In addition to being very painful with a dirty mouth, it can also lead to more severe problems with the internal organs.

  So, to keep your pet healthy and its precious teeth for many years, use toothpaste several times a week, supplemented with other oral hygiene products like brushes, cleaning treats, or mouthwash. There are many flavors and different ingredients. Please do not use your paste as it is toxic to dogs.




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