The best car tablet mounts in 2022

  Both tablets and smartphones have become a fundamental pillar of our daily lives. The dependence is such that some have even become addicted. But doom and gloom aside, no one can deny their usefulness. Many use them in their vehicles as GPS or to entertain the little ones on long journeys.

  To facilitate these uses, you have the best tablet holders for cars. With them, you can make the most of the functions of your electronic device without putting your integrity at risk. On the other hand, children can watch movies as if they were a small TV. This allows them to maintain a better posture. If you want to know more, join us!

  The most important

  Depending on the model, you can install the car tablet holder on the headrest of the front seat, on the dashboard, or even between the two front seats.

  Car tablet holders are handy. They allow you to make and receive calls safely, use the GPS, or even entertain your rear-seat passengers on long journeys!

  Make sure that the model you buy is compatible with your mobile device. Not all mounts fit all tablets the same. We review this purchasing factor and more at the end of this content.

  The best tablet holders for cars: our recommendations

  If you are a parent and drive, you probably know how difficult it is to keep the kids entertained. On the other hand, using the GPS without a tablet or phone in place can put your life at risk. To help you with these and different situations, the best tablet car mounts are a great option. Here are four good current models:

eSamcore iPad Holder for Car

eSamcore iPad Holder for Car

The thicker and tighter clamp of the car iPad holder can provide a more excellent grip to hold all 6″ to 11″ diagonal tablets(The maximum opening distance of the clamps is 9 inches). Extended side arms with soft rubber pads make the Simcoe iPad car mount suitable for tablets with a standard protective case(Thickness below 17mm). An anti-slip silicone clamp pad prevents the iPad from slipping from the car tablet holder when driving on bumpy roads.
3 in 1 GPS Mount & Tablet Mount& Phone Holder LUXMO

3 in 1 GPS Mount & Tablet Mount& Phone Holder LUXMO

The Sticky Non-Slip Base adheres to the flat dashboard with a firm grip, steady all the way. Stable even on the bumpy road, across the deceleration zone, or during sudden braking. Ensure the driving smoothness without worrying about the GPS holder falling quickly.
MINDSKY Car Phone Mount Dashboard

MINSKY Car Phone Mount Dashboard

Many car phone mounts can not shade the sun when the sun is intense, thus resulting in sunlight reflection, unable to see the phone screen clearly, and dangerous driving. The latest MINDSKY car phone holder is designed with a back cover, which upgrades the sun shading function that other car mounts do not have. Even if the sun is vital, that can completely block the sunlight and prevent reflection; never block the view; promise you safe driving.
Car Dashboard Tablet Mount

Car Dashboard Tablet Mount

You can stick this suction cup phone holder to the dashboard and press the lock lever resulting in reliable suction power to fix its sucker base firmly on the dashboard, the maximum bearing up to the weight of 55lb and withstand the temperature from -4°F to 194°F. It can be reusable. If the gel loses its grip, rinse it with water and let it air dry to stick like new.

  What you need to know about tablet car mounts

  On the surface, the mounts are much simpler than the tablets. Despite this, you may still have some doubts. But don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for. As usual on our website, the following section will focus on answering the most frequently asked questions (in this case, obviously, about tablet mounts).

  What are the uses of tablet-car mounts?

  Car tablet holders allow you to perform various tasks while driving. But always be careful, don’t get into Fast & Furious while you’re behind the wheel, because nothing good can come of it! They are also handy for entertaining restless passengers, such as children. Here are some tips on how to use them:

  •   GPS: A tablet can act as a GPS. By having it on a stand, you will be able to follow directions without distractions. In addition, depending on the application you use, the tablet can warn you of traffic conditions, if there has been an accident in the vicinity, or even if you need to take alternative routes.
  •   Entertainment for kids: If you’re a parent and regularly drive with children, you probably know how adorable but cumbersome they can be. A Lenovo or any other brand tablet can be an excellent ally for long trips. Play a movie or let them play with apps. The time will fly by.
  •   Receiving and making calls: In the right circumstances, a tablet can allow you to make and receive calls. By having it in a cradle, you can talk hands-free. This way, you can stay focused on the road. Remember that even the slightest distraction at the wheel can be deadly.

  What are the advantages and disadvantages of tablet-car mounts?

  Today’s technology offers endless possibilities. That is why more and more people are opting to buy a tablet. So valuable is it that many seek to have it available even when driving. If this is your case, you need one of the best tablet holders for a cheap or mid-high-range car. Here are their advantages and disadvantages.


  •   Economical
  •   Easy to install
  •   Versatile
  •   Adjustable
  •   Resistant
  •   With protective extras
  •   Good quality materials
  •   With sober designs


  •   Not all are adjustable
  •   Can be subject to vibrations due to fastening failures

  Where to place the car tablet holder?

  Depending on the car tablet holder you buy, you can place it in one place or another. We have compiled a detailed list below to understand the different options available better. We analyze the different types of cheap or mid-high range car tablet holders. We hope you find it helpful:

  •   Headrest: These types of options are prevalent. Most car tablet holders are manufactured with this location in mind. They are ideal for entertaining those sitting in the back of the vehicle. Remember that not all models adapt equally to the different types of existing seats.
  •   Seat: In line with the previous ones, they are also designed to entertain the passengers in the back seat. They can be somewhat cumbersome than those fastened to the head. However, they have the advantage that they can be used at a lower height, which can be positive in terms of cervical health.
  •   Dashboard: This is the perfect option if you want to use the tablet to receive and make calls. Also, if you use your tablet as a GPS tool, be careful, as some models do not adapt well to smooth dashboards.
  •   Between the two rear seats: In this case, car tablet holders of this style can be the solution when several passengers are in the back. By entering the tablet, everyone can enjoy the contents. Great buy if you have several children, as it will allow you to use a single device.

  Are tablet car mounts safe?

  In general, yes. Some models can be somewhat unstable. In such cases, annoying vibrations can occur on rather precarious stretches of road. This prevents the mobile device from being used to its full potential. However, most are adjustable and feature other gripping systems to keep the tablet steady.

  How do you use a tablet holder?

  Put your tablet against the flat surface of the tablet stand. Place the small bungee cords into the holes on the tablet stand to securely hold the corners of your tablet in place. Adjust the height and angle of the tablet holder, using the adjustable arms to keep your tablet exactly where you need it.

  What are 360° rotating car tablet holders?

  Car tablet mounts with 360° rotation are options that generally feature a solid finish and are very versatile. They are usually made to be attached to the headrest of the front seats. That is, focused on rear-seat passengers.

  The fastening is made through a metal screw, making it very stable.

  In addition, they include first-quality plastic as the primary manufacturing material (ABS almost always). Their rotation system allows the screen to be pointed in any direction. Despite this mobility, they usually incorporate extras of all kinds so that the tablet always remains fixed. In this way, it remains protected against vibrations and impacts.

  Buying criteria

  As you can see, the best car tablet holders can be handy. However, you may have also realized that not everything goes. This means that you should consider several factors when it comes to buying one. We’ve put together a short list to help you buy the suitable model for you. Please take a look at it, and everything will work out perfectly.


  The first thing to think about is where you’re going to place it. Do you want to use it as a GPS? Are you going to use the tablet to entertain backseat passengers? Depending on that, you’ll have to choose one option. Don’t worry; there are many to choose from. Here’s an explanatory table in case you’re still confused:

If you wantMust buy
Entertain your children on a long tripA car tablet holder that can be installed on the dashboard. Suppose it allows some rotation, the better.
Use the tablet for calls or as a GPSA bracket that attaches to the headrests of the front seats or in the middle of the gap between the front and back seats


  Compatibility is not only key in love but also when it comes to purchasing a product. In this case, you should get your hands on one of the best cheap or mid-high-end car tablet holders that will fit your model. Some are adjustable to several inches so that you will have no problem. Others, on the other hand, only go well with specific models.

  Degree of fixation

  If you buy one of the best cheap car tablet holders, you’ll rarely have problems with the attachment. But this is something important and what you should focus on. The tablet must be securely attached. If not, it will suffer from bumps. And not only because it will produce annoying vibrations but also because it can fall and cause an upset.


  Car tablet mounts with 360° rotation are not a must, but they can come in handy. By being able to point the screen anywhere, you increase versatility. So you only had one child until then, but another one is on the way? Don’t worry, because you can focus on the tablet so they can both enjoy it.


  Products are indeed becoming increasingly ergonomic. However, we continue to come across some devices that look like NASA rockets, as no one understands them. In the case of cheap car tablet mounts or not, look for an option that is simple to install. The fewer parts, the more straightforward and uniform, the better!


  Cheap car tablet mounts or not are the perfect investment when it comes to looking for a secure method of getting the most out of your mobile devices from a vehicle. The range of options is quite broad. So, you can buy models that vary in the installation: headrest, between the two front seats, on the dashboard – it’s a whole world!

  When looking for yours, do it based on a series of guidelines. We are talking about purchasing criteria. It would help if you studied aspects such as the rotation of the support, its compatibility with your tablet, and ease of installation, among others. If you act this way, you will not spend money foolishly, and you and the little ones in the house will appreciate it.

  Ready to start engines with your tablet? We hope you are and that this article has helped you. In that case, don’t hesitate to comment or share the content on social networks!



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