The Best Bow Hunting Backpacks of 2022

This article is going to help you find the best bow hunting backpack. There are many different manufacturers that make many varieties, which makes choosing one incredibly difficult.

But lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of the best bow hunting backpacks out there, so you can quickly find one for yourself.

Why you need a bow hunting backpack

All hunters will benefit from a backpack. The problem is there is no one style of a backpack that will work for every kind of hunting trip.

There are several different backpacks available each one made for different terrains and hunting opportunities.

The important thing to keep in mind though is finding a versatile and functional backpack for your specific kind of hunting.

As a bow hunter there are two main reasons as to why you need a bow hunting backpack.

Space for all your Hunting Gear

The first reason is the best bowhunting backpacks provide you with a place to carry all of your hunting gear.

Regardless of whether you bring just the bare minimum or you bring everything that you might possibly need for the hunt, the best bowhunting backpack will be able to carry it all.

The size of the backpack will determine just how much gear you can carry.

The bigger the pack the more gear you can carry, but look for features that allow for equal weight distribution for a more comfortable carry.

Organizing your hunting gear

Another reason why you need a bow hunting backpack is for organization.

The last thing you want to be doing is scrambling around in your backpack looking for what you need. Imagine a deer directly in front of you, but you don’t have your bow or arrows in hand.

The longer you have to dig through your bag to find them the higher the chances the deer will simply run off.

The best bow hunting backpack will have multiple pockets that have been well thought out to help you keep everything organized in a way that makes sense for you like a bow hunter.

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Pack

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Pack

Unique organizational front shelf pocket helps keep all your gear at your fingertips
Keep your essentials close with a drop-down rifle/bow holder pocket, quiver holders and hydration pocket and port
ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Pack

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Pack

Blaze orange rain cover included to stay safe and keep your gear dry during inclement weather conditions
ALPS OutdoorZ Matrix Hunting Pack

ALPS OutdoorZ Matrix Hunting Pack

Polyester lining
Zipper closure
Unique design that allows you to carry your crossbow, gun or
Badlands Sacrifice LS Hunting Backpack

Badlands Sacrifice LS Hunting Backpack

Even in cooler weather, carrying a pack builds up a sweat. Badlands’ Hypervent suspension actually pulls your pack away from your back, for a constant flow of cooling air. Where your body does come in contact with the pack, ventilated foam and a tough mesh fabric help continue the flow of air, keeping you cooler, dryer, and more comfortable. Load-distributing flex rods help you manage heavy loads.
Badlands 2200 Hunting Backpack

Badlands 2200 Hunting Backpack

Aircraft grade aluminum has been a go-to material for pack frames for years, due to its strength and minimal weight. Yet at Badlands, we thought we could do better, and we did. The proprietary magnesium alloy we use in our frame stays is twice as strong as T6 aluminum, and even lighter in weight.

How to choose the best bow hunting backpack

When choosing a bow hunting backpack, there are a few factors that need to be considered. Some of them are weight, size, design, arch support, and frame.

Backpack for a day

If you want to hunt for just a day or two, your best bet is a single-day pack. They are typically 57,000 cubic cm in size, which is enough for you to carry your essential clothing and gear. This size is also not too big for you to walk long distances comfortably.

When I buy a day pack I like to look at the weight. Having a low weight backpack helps a lot when I am going to travel long distances. Two extra pounds doesn’t sound like much, but it sure feels like it.

A bow holder or weapon holder is also essential. When I bring my bow I always put it in my backpack, and having a bow holder makes it so much easier. Bow holders allow you to carry your bow without it swinging and bumping, which can be very annoying in the long run.

Daypacks are my favorite bowhunting backpacks because they usually fit everything I need for my regular hunting trips. Most of the bowhunting backpacks on this list are daypacks, as you can see. This is because I firmly believe that they are more than enough for most hunters.

However, for some occasions you will need a larger pack as well, such as for multi-day hunts and when you have a larger trophy to take home.

Multi-day hunting backpacks

The benefit of having a large multi-day backpack is that you will have more space. However, this can lead you to bring a lot of unnecessary equipment. Make a list of what you need before you start packing and you’ll be fine.

I normally pack the same amount of clothing as for a single day hunt. The only extras I bring for a multi-day hunt are my hammock, sleeping bag, socks, underwear, and food. This way I can keep my backpack light enough to be able to walk for long distances.

What to carry in a hunting backpack?

These are the things you should include in your hunting backpack:

  • Water – if you have a bladder in your backpack, make sure you fill it up before you go. Bring some extra water as well if there is no water supply in the area where you are going to hunt. If you know you have a river or some other water supply near you, then you should be fine with the 3L bladder.
  • First Aid Kit – You can never predict the future. Always carry a first aid kit and any extra medications you may need. I like to keep this on top of my backpack so I always know I have it easily accessible.
  • Headlamp – Yes, I know you have a phone with a light, but never depend on it! A phone can die, so be sure to bring a flashlight or headlamp for a source of light if needed.
  • Matches – Always carry a box of matches as well. They don’t add much weight and if you’re going to be stealthy you never know when you’ll need a heat source.
  • Rain gear – If you don’t bring this, you will regret it. Just because the weather report says there are going to be rainbows and sunshine all day doesn’t mean it’s true. If you’re sitting on your tree soaking wet you won’t last long; I know I wouldn’t.
  • Food/Snacks – Bring a few extra meals in case you want to stay another night or just to get by. Also take some snacks. If you are going to walk long distances you should have some snacks in the inside pocket of your jacket. Don’t just pack sugary snacks because they won’t give you the long-term source of energy you need; at least mix them with some fiber or nuts.
  • Knife – As you know, a knife is a tool you don’t want to forget. It has so many uses in the forest and it would be a shame to forget it.
  • Rubber Gloves – If you are going to dress an animal in the field, you should keep yourself safe and clean by wearing a pair of gloves. If you have forgotten them then there should be a couple in your first aid kit.
  • Toilet paper – If you are not a leaf person, I recommend you bring toilet paper. You don’t need to bring a whole roll, but roll up a few layers in a plastic bag and you’ll be fine. Bring something extra to light the fire if needed too.

Why do I need a bow hunting backpack?

Bow hunters need a backpack made specifically for bow hunting because it provides them with a safe and secure place to store their bow and arrows. Bow hunting backpacks provide appropriate storage for all your hunting needs, including meat pockets.

What size bow hunting backpack should I get?

How big of a bow hunting backpack you purchase will depend on how long you plan to stay out there hunting. Packs between 30 and 40 liters will work perfectly for short trips, up to about 3 days. If you plan on being out longer you will need a bigger pack.

Do I need a waist belt?

If you plan on carrying a lot of weight inside your bow hunting backpack you will want to invest in a pack with a waist belt. Waist belts are important for supporting and distributing the weight of heavier packs to make them more comfortable to carry.

Does the price reflect the quality of the bow hunting backpack?

The short answer is no prices don’t always reflect the quality of the bow hunting backpack. Price is often affected by the demand for the backpack. A great backpack that isn’t in huge demand will offer a more affordable price than the most popular bag on the market.

What are some of the most desirable features of bow hunting backpacks?

The bow holder and quiver holder are two of the most popular features of bow hunting backpacks. Other popular features include the sheer number of pockets to help organize your specific hunting gear. Bow hunting backpacks are larger than other types of backpacks and offer longer straps to help support heavier loads.

Are all hunting backpacks waterproof?

The short answer to this question is no, not all bow hunting backpacks are waterproof. Majority of bow hunting backpacks are what is called water resistant meaning they will not allow water to penetrate to the inside. Always check for water resistance before purchasing.

How durable are bow hunting backpacks?

How durable bow hunting backpacks are will depend greatly based on how well you take care of it. Even the most durable bow hunting backpack will get ruined if it is not taking care of properly. Backpacks that are regularly cleaned and repaired will last far longer than backpacks that are neglected.

Are bow hunting backpacks comfortable?

If you buy the right bow hunting backpack it will be comfortable. However, there are some bow hunting backpacks that are not very comfortable to wear. Look for features that are going to enhance the backpacks comfort level, such as padded back panels, padded and adjustable shoulder straps, breathability, and waist and chest belts to help with weight distribution.

Do all bow hunting backpacks come with a warranty?

Most bow hunting backpacks come with some kind of warranty, but what kind of guarantee they offer will depend on the manufacturer. The better the warranty he more confidence the manufacturer has in their product.

How safe are bow hunting backpacks?

High-quality bow hunting backpacks are going to offer visibility linings to ensure the hunter’s safety. These visibility linings are designed to make the backpack and therefore the hunter more visible so they are easier to identify.


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