The best bed rails to buy in 2022

  One of the critical moments in a baby’s life is the transition from crib to bed. Every child has their own time, but it usually happens around age 2. Sleeping in a bed is a significant change for them and their parents. Mainly because of the fear that a small child might fall while sleeping.

  Bed rails are perfect for this stage. These are protective accessories that eliminate the risk of falls at night. This way, the kids will get used to their new beds, and the parents will be at peace.

  the most important

  The bed rails make it easy to transition from a crib to a single bed. Every child is a world, but usually, this moment comes around age 2.

  They are made of various materials and can be fixed or folded. Before choosing a model, it’s worth considering what the bed and mattress will look like.

  Some of the most popular models have padded edges. If a blow occurs, the child will not be harmed.

  The best bed rails on the market: our recommendations

  We recommend reading on if you’re looking for some of the best bed rails. Remember, they are articles that benefit the rest of the baby and your peace of mind. Evaluate your needs so you can choose a model accordingly.

Regalo Hideaway 54-Inch Extra Long Bed Rail Guard

Regalo Hideaway 54-Inch Extra Long Bed Rail Guard

The patented HideAway feature allows this bedrail to tuck between the mattress; Out of sight
54-inches long (hinge point) and 20-inch tall for added security. Do not use abrasive cleaners or bleach when cleaning.
Regalo Swing Down Bed Rail Guard

Regalo Swing Down Bed Rail Guard

The patented swing-down feature allows this bedrail to pivot down and out of the way when getting in and out of bed or removing sheets
43-inches long and 20-inch tall for added security. Certified by the American Testing Society and Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association
hiccapop Convertible Crib Toddler Bed Rail Guard

hiccapop Convertible Crib Toddler Bed Rail Guard

ONLY CRIB RAIL THAT FIRMLY ANCHORS TO BED FRAME WITH STEEL CLAMPS for 100% safety. It cannot slip out of place like other crib rails.
Hardened steel throughout and heavy-duty fabrics that will never fray or tear. Design, safety, quality, and unsurpassed customer service…that’s hiccapop!
Summer Double Safety Bedrail

Summer Double Safety Bedrail

Each panel measures 42.5 L x 21 H inches to accommodate thicker mattresses. Adjusts up to 21.02 inches (53.4 cm) wide mattresses
Accommodates twin to queen-sized mattresses and platform beds. There are two small knobs on the arm of the bedrail. They need to be pushed up, and then the rail will fold down.

  Everything you should know about bed rails

  The choice of bed rails will depend on different aspects. Some of these are the size of the bed itself, the material of manufacture, or the type of installation. There are many options on the market, which is why you may need some guidance. The primary purpose of this buying guide is to advise you in this regard.

  What exactly are bed rails?

  A bed rail is a protective accessory that prevents a child from falling while sleeping. It is designed to facilitate the transition from a crib to a single bed. That means a must-have accessory for a child to sleep alone in bed for the first time.

  Before choosing a railing, it is essential to consider what bed it will be installed on. Again, its location depends not only on the bed but also on the mattress. This accessory allows the little one to get used to his new resting place. As far as they are concerned, parents will be assured that their safety will be complete.

  Why are bed rails recommended?

  During the transition from crib to bed, it is logical for parents to worry about their child’s safety. The mattress has no protective elements to prevent the child from falling or getting out of the bed. For this reason, railings provide the security that small children need at night. Therefore, parents can sleep peacefully.

  Children grow at an astonishing rate. Then, replacing your crib with the width of one bed is necessary. With the rails, the child will gradually get used to sleeping in his new bed without fear. Over time, this accessory will no longer be necessary as there is no longer a risk of falling.

  What are the advantages and benefits of bed rails?

  Depending on where the bed is in the room, the railing will be placed on one or both sides. It can be mounted at head height and on the entire side. The purpose of both cases is the same: to prevent the child from falling while sleeping at night—the more calm, the more rest.

  The advantages of railings are apparent. On the one hand, the child will feel more confident and less afraid of a possible fall at night. On the other hand, his parents know that the little guy won’t slip or get out of bed; he’ll be at peace. Thus, this barrier provides confidence and security for both parties.

  What types of bed rails are on the market?

  There are two main types of railings, depending on the installation. Some are placed under the mattress, while others are attached to the structure with anchors. Bed rails can also be fixed or mobile. The former is not removable; the latter is foldable and more practical.

  Drop-down rails usually fold down to make it easier to get into the bed. There are also telescopes, which are picked up like a telescope. Last but not least is the detachable railing, which can be easily removed daily.

  What should I consider when choosing a bed rail?

  Manufacturing materials are one of the main aspects of evaluation when purchasing one of these barriers. They can be made of wood, aluminum, metal, or plastic. The most common are those made of metal and have a mesh fabric. The textile section is usually removable for washing in the washing machine.

  It is a plus that the structure is covered with a soft material, which prevents the child from bumping into himself while sleeping and injuring himself. Please ensure the security level is appropriate and easy to install.

  How do I know what size bed rails I need?

  The size of the barrier will depend on the type of bed and its dimensions. Children’s beds are usually between 140 and 150 cm in length. This means that railings of that length or more minor can be chosen. A model that bets on head height is also an option.

  Regarding the height of the railing, it is recommended to be between 40 and 50 cm. The choice of this detail will depend on the child’s sleeping habits and the level of safety required. Under no circumstances is it recommended to choose a barrier lower than 16 cm above the mattress. Its thickness should also be considered.

  What are the two types of bed rails?

  There are two basic bed rails: Integral – Incorporated into the bed design and are already fitted to the bed frame. Some are full length, while others are split. The third party – are not specific to any model.

  What are bed rails for?

  These rails are used on beds intended for consumers. They are designed to 1) reduce the risk of falling from the bed, 2) assist the consumer in repositioning in the bed, or 3) assist the consumer in transitioning into or out of bed.

  Is a bed rail necessary?

  This is typically when most kiddos switch to a bed, and those low rails are easy to scale compared to the taller ones on a crib. The main reason rails are necessary is that toddlers are such wild sleepers, as What To Expect’s website pointed out.

  What is not an alternative to bed rails?

  Consider other alternatives when bed rails are not appropriate. Options include: roll guards, foam bumpers, lowering the bed, and using concave mattresses that can help reduce rolling off the bed.

  What are the two main risks of using bed rails?

  Hazard and areas of risk

  Natural hazards include entrapment and entanglement within gaps in the rails themselves, between the rails and the mattress, or between the rails and the bed frame.

  When can you use bed rails?

  Bed rails should be used when your child is about two until age 5. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing bed rails. If they leave a gap or loosen during the night, your child could get trapped, so use the rails strictly according to the instructions and check them each night before use.

  How do I choose a bed rail?

  Before purchasing bed rails, check with the manufacturer of the bed rail, mattress, and bed frame to ensure a proper and safe fit. Avoid bed rails that require the person to climb over them to get in and out of bed, as climbing can lead to falls.

  Are bed rails safe for the elderly?

  Bed rails are frequently used in homes or long-term care facilities because they are believed to keep people safe. In reality, bed rails can be extremely harmful. Bed rails can cause Strangulation or asphyxiation: Older adults can get trapped in the gap between the bed rail and the mattress.

  What are truck bed rails?

  Truck bed rails are long metal rails that sit on top of and run the length of the truck bed walls. Truck bed rails make it much easier and more convenient to tie down your more oversized items at multiple points and from various angles.

  purchase criteria

  There is a wide variety of bed rails in the market. This means you might get confused when deciding on one model or the other.

  Fixed system

  The mounting system in the bed structure is one of the essential aspects to consider. One of the most common models is placed under a mattress and supported by the child’s body weight. In this case, they are rails equipped with rails that are inserted under the bed. This is a handy option.

  There are also rails for beds attached to the structure by pressure or screws. Although the installation may be a little more complicated than the previous case, they are suitable options. Finally, travel barriers feature take-off and donning. Depending on the bed, one or the other will be better.


  The security level is another essential purchase criterion. Not surprisingly, this is an aspect that will give parents and children themselves more peace of mind. Therefore, you must ensure that it is well anchored to the bed. For the most restless kids, the barrier must be robust.

  Experts recommend installing the railing less than 2 cm or more than 26 cm from the headboard. Here’s a safety guide to avoiding unnecessary nighttime shocks. Also, it is convenient that the barrier is equipped with a padded covering to prevent any inconvenience. If the little guy gets hit, it doesn’t hurt.


  The size of the railing is something to consider. The choice will depend on the characteristics of the bed. For example, if it’s next to a wall, you only need a railing on one side. Otherwise, both sides need barriers. They are usually between 140 and 150 cm in length.

  Some parents prefer to choose railings for shorter beds. In this case, they will be at head height. The level of protection is the same as covering the entire side. It is enough to consider the manufacturer’s recommendations, so the result is optimal.


  Ease of operation and comfort are other decisive detail when buying a bed rail. Importantly, in addition to being safe, it is also practical. So a good option is a folding model. These barriers usually have a hinged closure system that allows them to be folded or unfolded comfortably.

  The hinges are designed in such a way that they prevent pinching. Therefore, it is essential to choose a barrier that works daily. Plus, they allow easy entry and exit for little ones, and of course, they provide complete fixation. Aluminum barriers are usually the most practical.


  Bed rails are not a casually chosen item. Investing in one of these accessories is a bet on your child’s safety. This is a product that parents will have to consider sooner or later. For this reason, they are handy for knowing about types and different options.

  Remember that sooner or later, the time will come to change the crib for the bed. It is best to choose barrier-made high-quality materials that provide safety. It’s the only way for the little one to adjust to a new resting place faster. Then make sure it’s functional and reliable.



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