The Best Baby Phones to Buy in 2022

  A colorful phone in the crib can be a detail that brightens up your baby’s room. But don’t be fooled; phones aren’t just decorations: they provide many benefits for your child’s development and help them relax before bed.

  While changing their position is essential, your baby will spend a lot of time looking up, especially at bedtime. In those moments, the phone will accompany him and contribute to his physical and mental stimulation.

  the most important

  Phones aren’t just decorative; they promote your baby’s sensory and motor development in different ways at each stage of toddlerhood. They can also help you relax before bed.

  A battery-operated cell phone offers many functions beyond turning and singing: there are functions for projectors, lights, no sound, and so on.

  You can find a phone that fits your baby’s daily routine. Smaller stick-on phones can be carried around to keep your baby connected to their home away from home.

  The best baby phones on the market: Our favorites

  When choosing a phone, you’ll find tons of logos, colors, and shapes that can overwhelm even buyers.

Skip Hop Baby Phone Toy

Skip Hop Baby Phone Toy

Baby’s first selfie! Thanks to its mirrored surface, this adorable toy phone encourages self-recognition at playtime. Three light-up face filters are fun for little ones to explore—from goofy glasses to cute dog ears. Excellent sound effects, including barks, meows, and cheerful tunes, add to the fun!
RUAN Baby Cell Phone Toys with Music

RUAN Baby Cell Phone Toys with Music

The Toy Cell Phone is perfect for inspiring your kid’s knowledge about numbers, music, animals, and nature. Exercise baby’s listening, Inspire baby’s desire to speak. It will teach the kids Arabic numerals, recognize different animals, weather, d vehicles, and how to call other family members, etc. It not only brings joy to kids but also does early education for them.
Elf Lab Baby Cell Phone Toy

Elf Lab Baby Cell Phone Toy

This baby play phone is made like an actual phone. There are 15 light-up App images on the big touch screen, like a message, timer camera, etc. It required 3 AAA batteries (Do not include in the package).
Baby Shark Cell Phone Toy with Removable Teether Case

Baby Shark Cell Phone Toy with Removable Teether Case

soft and drool-proof – great for reducing kids’ teething pains; put the rubber case in boiling water to clean
the brightly colored buttons, fun cartoon images, and soft lights engage toddlers and divert their attention away from your cell phone

  Things You Should Know About Cell Phones

  Before choosing a phone for your baby, you should understand its capabilities and the advantages some phones have over others. In this shopping guide, we answer the most frequently asked questions from parents looking for a cell phone.

  Why is it important to buy a cell phone for my baby?

  Cell phones are more than just decorations; they provide different benefits for your child’s development and accompany him to varying stages of early childhood development. So that parents know what benefits the phone will bring to their baby.

  Sensory stimulation: Cell phones are compelling because they aim to grab a child’s attention. The brighter and brighter they are, the more they will grab your attention. Also, cell phones can help them better distinguish distances and develop their depth perception as they grow.

  Relax: Your phone’s movements and sounds can help your baby relax before bed. Soft tunes are perfect for lulling little ones to sleep.

  Motor Skills Development: Stimulating and motivating babies’ phones will also get them moving. The little ones follow them with their eyes or reach for their phones. Movements induced by cell phones help develop their fine and gross motor skills and coordination.

  Which is better: a battery-powered phone or an analog phone?

  It depends on how you want to use it. With battery or wind, the phone always turns. The rotation of the pneumatic device is, of course, more subtle but also relaxing for the baby. The downside is that if there is no airflow in your baby’s room, it will be difficult for him to move.

  On the other hand, battery phones do not rely on wind and are more exciting. The rotational motion is more pronounced, and they often have sounds or even lights.

  Is the phone safe?

  Yes, but it is essential to take certain precautions. Choose a phone that doesn’t have many small parts: it can break, fall into the crib, and create a choking hazard.

  Young babies must hold their phones close to their faces to tell them apart. But from about five months old, your little one can already lift his arms and legs and try to pick it up. Therefore, we recommend that you put away your phone when your child reaches this stage of motor development.

  purchase criteria

  With so many phones on the market, it’s easy to get lost in the endless array of colors and shapes. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a phone for your baby:


  With this in mind, many manufacturers have developed portable designs that do not fit in the room or the crib, considering that the baby will not only sleep in his crib.

  For example, portable cell phones are great for babies in the car for a long time and who need help falling asleep. To be portable, the phone must be small and able to hang or attach to different surfaces.


  Battery-powered phones aren’t just about colors and circular motions. Many phones, like those from V-Tech, can project stars or other soothing figures to keep your baby company at night. There are also plenty of phones with parts that can be removed so that baby can sleep outside the crib with familiar objects nearby.


  When choosing your phone, check out other parents’ reviews to make sure the locking system works for your baby’s crib. Most phones can hold any bar and material, but if a particular model appeals to you, it’s worth ensuring other parents don’t have any issues in that department.


  As we’ve seen before, phones aren’t just cosmetic; the design is still essential to any phone. They are also often one of the focal points of your baby’s bedroom.

  If your baby’s room has a theme (such as jungle or ocean), it’s easy to find a phone that goes with it. Design houses also work on making high-quality and less jarring phones. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that phones with very light colors won’t catch the baby’s attention quickly, which means they won’t function.

  Phones with high-contrast colors, predominantly black and white, can irritate a few-month-old baby. Keep this in mind if you want the phone of your choice to start contributing to their sensory development very early on.


  Your baby will benefit significantly from his phone. Cell phones aid their sensory, motor, and cognitive development. Phones with melodies and soft movements can help you relax and fall asleep.

  There are endless mobile phones on the market: battery- or wind-powered, with built-in lights and projectors, detachable and portable. To better guide you, you must consider what your day-to-day life will look like with your baby’s arrival and decide which phone is best for you. It’s also essential to evaluate the features you’re looking for in your phone.



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