Best baby bathtubs to buy in 2022

  Generally speaking, babies don’t like bath time very much, and they are often nervous and tearful. A bathtub is an excellent tool for reducing your baby’s discomfort because the right bathroom environment will make him feel more secure. In this way, by having a good bathtub, we can reduce the risk of stress for the baby in the bath.

  These childcare products are suitable for everyday use, as are changing mats or strollers. There are a wide variety of children’s bathtubs on the market as they are thought to be adapted to the needs of each family.

  the most important

  Children’s bathtubs must be suitable for the infant’s age, weight and size and comply with U.S. safety regulations.

  There are different types of tubs, from fixed to foldable, including inflatable tubs, built-in changing tables, and more. Evaluate your needs to choose the ideal model.

  The ideal bathtub should be made of high-quality and durable materials, albeit comfortable and soft to the touch. Make sure it has no protrusions, and the edges are rounded.

  The Best Baby Bathtubs: Our Favorites

  As you know, baby bathtubs are specially designed to make bathing easier for your baby. It is such a necessary tool that there are countless models.

Skip Hop Baby Bath Tub

Skip Hop Baby Bath Tub

cheerful whale-shaped Moby tub grows with the baby through three stages and offers Smart Sling support. The sling locks into two ergonomic positions: higher for full-body support and lower for seated support.
Mommy's Helper Inflatable Bath Tub Froggie Collection

Mommy's Helper Inflatable Bath Tub Froggie Collection

Adorable Froggie design
Materials 100% Phthalate-free
Allows you to bathe your baby in a safe, padded space
Saddlehorn keeps the baby from sliding down in the tub.
Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bath Tub

Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bath Tub

Nonslip, compact infant tub holds baby upright in a safe seated position
Keeps baby warm with optimal water levels measures: 25-inch x 16.25-inch x 15 inch
Pull tub drain makes it easy to clean. Latex-free
PRIMO EuroBath

PRIMO EuroBath

Baby bath for ages 0 to 24 months with two bathing positions, 0-6 month infants are bathed in a reclining part, and 6-24 month toddlers are bathed in a sitting place.
Unique anatomical shape with safety supports forearm and legs. Optional Folding Bath Stand available

  What You Should Know About Baby Bathtubs

  A baby bathtub is an indispensable gadget for baby grooming. These are even items you’ll use every day, which is why your choice of model should be carefully weighed. When looking for the perfect bathtub, it starts with knowing more about the product.

  Are there safety rules governing baby showers?

  Like any other children’s product, baby bathtubs should comply with European regulations. Safety while bathing is essential to prevent babies from taking unnecessary risks, such as unfortunate slips. A trusted brand is the best guarantee for choosing a bathtub.

  Make sure the relevant model meets U.S. safety standards. Generally, it’s an inscription on the box itself, indicating that the product has a CPC (Children’s Product Certificate) and has passed all the tests required for such an item.

  What is the correct way to tilt a bathtub?

  Many models offer various tilt options. This feature will allow the position to adapt to the different needs of the baby as it grows. The most common way to bathe a baby is semi-recumbent, the recommended option during the first few days of life. It’s enough to hold his head.

  It’s a good idea to sit up and take a shower when he’s a little older and his neck can support himself. For many parents, this is much more comfortable. Usually, babies can sit up from 6 months. In any case, it is better to choose models that offer different inclinations.

  What age is a baby bathtub suitable for?

  Since baby bathtubs are newborns, baby bathtubs are often used, so many models offer mesh or accessories designed for the first few days. Therefore, you can take your first bath in such items safely and comfortably. However, the maximum age will depend on the relevant model. Some are suitable for up to 12 months, and others for later use.

  The child may be growing too fast; for example, the bathtub has grown at ten months. The size will give clues to the suitability of the product. Not in vain, some suitable models can be used even up to 7 or 8 years old.

  Fixed bathtub vs. folding, which is better?

  Another important issue has to do with the design of the bathtub. Two types of baby bathtubs can be identified on the market. On the one hand, there are fixed ones, and on the other hand, foldable ones.

  Fixed bathtubs are designed to be permanently installed in a room, usually presenting as a stable structure with legs, often with a built-in dressing table. In many cases, they share furniture with changing tables.

  As the name suggests, the collapsible baby bathtub can be easily folded and unfolded. They are ideal for travel and fit in those more minor children’s rooms. The folding system is often intuitive, allowing the tub to be stored in a small corner until the subsequent use.

  Which baby bathtub should I choose if space is limited?

  Fixed bathtubs are very practical and helpful, perfect if there is enough space in the room. But you might be interested in a foldable tub if you don’t have much space. These are also very useful and have the advantage that they can be folded and stored until their subsequent use. So you won’t have permanent space occupied by the tub.

  Do you need a baby bathtub?

  Consider how you want to bathe your baby. You don’t necessarily need a baby bathtub—you can sit in your tub with your newborn on your lap, but once she can sit on her own (hello, baby milestone), she can splish and splash on her own.

  Are baby bathtubs safe?

  Baby bathtubs give parents a safe way to wash a wet, slippery baby. The angle of the tub helps free a parent’s hands from washing. Things to keep in mind when choosing an infant bathtub: A tub made of thick plastic will stay firm in the center, even under the weight of the water.

  How can I wash my baby without a tub?

  Use the laundry or kitchen sink.

  Consider the kitchen sink if your baby doesn’t like showers, and a baby’s bath won’t fit in your shower recess. If she’s still tiny, you may find this an easier way to bathe her anyway, as you will be standing up instead of getting a sore back from bending over.

  purchase criteria

  Once the concept is clear, the next step is to know what the buying criteria are to follow. To choose the right baby bathtub, you need to consider several factors.

  age of use

  The first filter when choosing a children’s bathtub is the suggested age. The manufacturer will determine this detail. While plenty of baby bathtubs are suitable for use from birth, this aspect is worth being sure about. Again, it is necessary to ensure that they are approved.

  Another crucial issue is the age range for which the product in question is suitable. Some parents prefer to buy tubs with more features to last as long as possible. These models often contain adjustable elements that allow them to adapt to different stages of growth.

  manufacturing materials

  The quality of materials is a non-negotiable requirement when purchasing a children’s bathtub. Don’t forget it’s an item that touches the little guy’s little body and skin. Therefore, these materials must be suitable for infants. The features to consider should be:

  •   hypoallergenic
  •   nonslip
  •   Resistant
  •   Soft and comfortable touch

  Rigid plastic is one of the most common manufacturing materials. It is characterized by its resistance and offers excellent stability. Of course, ensure the edges of the tub are smooth and rounded to avoid any damage. Plastic is also a popular material for inflatable tubs, although it is lighter.


  The world of accessories in the field of baby bathtubs is pervasive. Stop and think about whether you need all these accessories. Predictably, the more accessories a model includes, the higher the price. The presence of the slot is excellent for leaving soap and other toiletries for the baby.

  Some models consist of pitchers to facilitate the bathing process. Another interesting detail is the inclusion of a drain and stopper at the bottom of the tub for optimal emptying. Other bathtubs have removable headrests.


  Finally, take into account the maintenance of the baby bathtub. This should always be in perfect condition, as the baby’s environment must be as flawless as possible. This means that the design must facilitate its cleaning; for example, all its parts are easily accessible.

  It’s best not to have too many tiny nooks and crannies, as access can be difficult and dirt can accumulate. Incorporating drains will also facilitate cleaning the tub. This feature will aid incomplete emptying, preventing the water from remaining stagnant. Therefore, the bathtub will always stay perfect.


  Bathing your baby in the bathtub or shower at home is too risky. There are baby tubs, although you still have to hold their heads for the first few months. Little ones tend to get nervous in the shower, so it’s essential to choose a comfortable and safe model.

  These items last up to the first year of life in some cases and up to 8 years in others. Therefore, ensure that the design and manufacturing materials suit your needs. Evaluate different models and options before choosing a bathtub.



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