The 9 best 4×6 photo printers in 2022

Kodak Dock Plus 4x6” Portable Instant Photo Printer

Kodak Dock Plus 4×6” Portable Instant Photo Printer.

With the Kodak Dock Plus, you can print your favorite pics instantly from your mobile devices! Using a reliable and stable Bluetooth connection, this instant photo printer can help you save timeless memories.
Kodak Dock Plus uses 4Pass Technology to print flawless photos instantly. Each image is printed in layers of ribbon with a laminating process, so it’s fingerprint-proof and water-resistant for long-lasting quality.
Epson PictureMate PM-400 Wireless Compact Color Photo Printer

Epson PictureMate PM-400 Wireless Compact Color Photo Printer

This printer is designed for use with Epson cartridges only, not third-party cartridges or ink. Cartridges described as Compatible, Remanufactured, refilled, or refillable may not work correctly.
Beautiful borderless photos – easily print high-quality 4″x6″ & 5″x7″ Photos
Ultra-compact design – lightweight, portable printer saves space.
Liene 4x6'' Photo Printer, Wi-Fi Picture Printer

Line 4×6'' Photo Printer, Wi-Fi Picture Printer

Excellent Photo Quality; Compared with the traditional picture printers, the Liene photo printer prints photos (4×6’’) instantly with thermal dye-sublimation by which dyes can deeply penetrate the paper and makes shots vibrant. The last layer, which is protective in printing covered on the photo, makes it better protect photos from water, scratch, and fading. Grab this instant photo printer, and grab the chance to keep these precious memories with you forever
Canon SELPHY CP1300 Compact Photo Printer

Canon SELPHY CP1300 Compact Photo Printer

Not only will your photos be instantly dry, but they will also look great for up to 100 Years4 and are water resistant!
Enjoy the simplicity of easily connecting your smartphone and tablet through the Canon Print App3. You can even print directly from USB or your camera’s memory Card2.
Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8500 Wireless Wide-Format Color All-in-One Supertank Printer with Scanner

Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8500 Wireless Wide-Format Color All-in-One Supertank Printer with Scanner

Cartridge-free printing for lab-quality photos, graphics, and creative projects — get vibrant colors and sharp text with Epson’s high-accuracy printhead and Claria ET Premium 6-color inks; print a 4 x 6″ photo in as fast as 15 seconds (4)
Extraordinary media handling capabilities —print borderless pictures up to 8.5″ x 11″ on a variety of paper types, including cardstock, CD/DVDs, and other specialty media up to 1.3 mm thick; auto 2-sided printing
Epson Expression Premium XP-7100

Epson Expression Premium XP-7100

Epson printing system is designed to be used exclusively with Epson Genuine Cartridges. Using non-genuine ink could cause damage not covered under the printer’s lid. Want.
Superior photo quality print stunning photos Plus Sharp text for eye-catching documents
Sony Picture Station DPP-FP90 4x6 Photo Printer

Sony Picture Station DPP-FP90 4×6 Photo Printer

Photo printers can print outstanding 4 x 6 inch prints direct from Sony Cybershot cameras or most flash media formats.
Large 3.6-inch LCD screen to preview images before printing
The dye sublimation printing method creates spectacularly vivid prints
One-button auto touch-up reduces red-eye, improves exposure, and sharpens focus at the touch of a button
Portable design with carrying handle to print high-quality photos wherever you are
Kodak Dock Plus 4x6 Instant Photo Printer 80 Sheet Bundle

Kodak Dock Plus 4×6 Instant Photo Printer 80 Sheet Bundle

With the Kodak Dock Plus, you can print your favorite pics instantly from your mobile devices! Using a reliable and stable Bluetooth connection, this instant photo printer can help you save timeless memories.
Kodak Dock Plus uses 4Pass Technology to print flawless photos instantly. Each image is printed in layers of ribbon with a laminating process, so it’s fingerprint-proof and water-resistant for long-lasting quality.

  Photo printers, as early as 1997, Epson launched the Stylus Photo series printers. But at that time, the positioning of photo printers was the high-end office field, which was impossible for ordinary home users to reach.

  Photo printer features

  Superfine ink drop

  The size of the ink droplet volume is a critical technical indicator for photo printing and directly affects the final print quality. Photo printers generally have ultra-fine ink drop printing technology of no more than 3 picoliters to ensure detailed printing results and obvious layering. The smallest ink drop of some high-end products on the market has reached an astonishing 1 picoliter. However, there is no need to over-pursue ultra-fine ink droplets when purchasing because the current photo printers that use 1 picoliter ink droplet technology are flagship-level, and the price is surprisingly high. Generally speaking, the printing effect of 3 picoliter ink drop technology will no longer make people feel grainy.

  Multicolor ink

  The number of ink colors impacts the printing quality of color photos. Although the 3-color ink cartridges of ordinary printers can meet general color text printing requirements, they are much inferior in terms of color transition and vividness when printing photos. It is better to use 6-color ink cartridges. Printer. The 6-color ink cartridge has more light blue and light red than the 4-color ink cartridge, and the color performance is more delicate. HP’s Photosmart 7960 is the world’s first photo printer with eight-color ink cartridge technology. Compared with the six-color ink cartridge, it adds dark gray and light gray two-color ink cartridges to improve the photo output effect. In 2004, Epson and Canon launched their 8-color ink photo printers.

  Digital direct printing

  Some photo printers are called digital photo printers; they are not much different from traditional printers in the printing part but add some digital control circuits, such as liquid crystal display, card reader, and so on. Users can directly print photos from a memory card or even a digital camera on a printer without going through a computer. Of course, the selling price of a digital printer with digital direct printing technology is much higher, but when there is no computer around, this printer is much more convenient.

  Photo Printer Introduction

  Inkjet Printers

  Inkjet printers are divided into two parts: machinery and circuits. We mainly look at the mechanical part, which usually includes several components such as ink cartridges and nozzles, cleaning parts, carriage machinery, paper feeding mechanism, and sensors. There are two types of ink cartridges and nozzles, one is a two-in-one integrated structure, and the other is a separate structure. Both methods have their advantages. The cleaning system is the maintenance device of the nozzle. The type car machine is used to realize the printing position positioning. The character input mechanism provides the paper conveying function. It must cooperate reasonably with the character carriage mechanism to complete the full-page printing during movement. The sensor is specially designed to check the working condition of each part of the printer.

  l, resolution

  DPI is an essential standard for the industry to measure print quality. It expresses the number of dots that can be printed by an inkjet printer in the range of an inch. In monochrome printing, the higher the dpi value, the better the printing effect. The situation is more complicated when printing in color. Usually, the print quality is affected by the dual impact of the dpi value and the color blending ability. Since the black and white printing resolution of general color inkjet printers may differ from the color printing resolution, you must pay attention to what kind of resolution the merchant tells you when purchasing and whether it is the highest resolution. Generally, it would help if you choose an inkjet printer above 360DPI.

  2. Color harmony ability

  For users who use color inkjet printers, the color blending ability of the printer is a significant indicator. When printing color photos, traditional inkjet printers will select a close combination of the three primary color combinations to print when they encounter transitional colors. Even if black is added, this combination generally cannot exceed 16. Kind of, the expressive ability of color gradation is unsatisfactory.

  To solve this problem, early inkjet printers adjusted the density of spray dots to express the color gradation. But for products with a color resolution of only about 300dpi at that time, adjusting the thickness is that the transition color effect is inferior and looks like there are many spots. Today’s color inkjet printers, on the one hand, make the printed dots more OK by increasing the print density (resolution), thereby making the graph more delicate; on the other hand, they have improved their technology in terms of color harmony. Common ones are: Increase the number of colors, change the size of the ejected ink droplets, and reduce the essential color density of the ink cartridge. Among them, increasing the number of colors is the most effective. Currently, five-color color ink cartridges are usually used together with the original black ink cartridges to form the so-called six-color printing. This way, the number of color combinations obtained by permutation and combination is increased many times at once, and the effect is naturally improved.

  The principle of changing the size of the ejected ink droplets is to eject standard-sized ink droplets where the color density is higher during printing and to eject tiny ink droplets where the color density is lower, which also achieves more color gradations. . And reduces the color density of the ink cartridge is the method of repeated inkjet in the place of high color density to form more color gradations.

  Photo printer quality issues

  The output quality of a photo printer is related to the performance of the printer itself and the quality of the original image to be printed. The printed effect will not be any better for some low-resolution digital photos. If you want to output stock photos, It is recommended to ensure that the image’s resolution is above 1280×1024 pixels.

  Daily maintenance of photo printers

  (1) Do not remove the nozzle from the host and place it alone, especially in a high temperature and low humidity state. If it is left for a long time, the water in the ink will gradually evaporate, and the dried ink will cause the nozzle to clog. If the nozzle has become clogged, a cleaning operation should be carried out. If cleaning fails to achieve the purpose, replace the nozzle with a new one. [1]Use and daily maintenance of copier printer

  (2) Avoid hitting the nozzle surface with fingers and tools to prevent damage to the nozzle surface or blocking the nozzle by debris or oil. Do not blow air into the nozzle, do not get sweat, oil, chemicals (alcohol), etc., on the nozzle, which may cause changes in the composition and viscosity of the ink and cause the ink to solidify and block. Do not wipe the nozzle surface with facial tissue, lens paper, cloth, etc.

  (3) It is best not to turn off the power when the printer is in the printing process. You can turn the printer to OFFLINE first, turn off the power after the nozzle is capped, and unplug the plug. Otherwise, for some models of printers, the printer cannot perform limiting operations, and exposure of the nozzles to dry air will cause the ink to dry up.

  If the nozzle is clogged, the nozzle needs to be cleaned. Methods as below:

  1. Nozzle cleaning of universal inkjet flatbed printer

  1. Software cleaning: automatic cleaning through the maintenance function in the printer driver;

  2. Ink pumping and cleaning: When the ink cart is initially positioned, use a syringe with a hose to connect to the waste ink tube to draw about 5 ml of ink. Do not rebound the inner tube of the needle, which will cause color mixing in each nozzle. , In the ink pumping process, if the nozzle protector is not tightly sealed, you can gently move the ink cart by hand to ensure a good seal between the nozzle and the nozzle protector. Perform software cleaning after drawing ink.

  3. Injection and pumping cleaning: remove the ink cart, unplug the ink sac, connect the syringe with the cleaning liquid to the nozzle ink column with the hose, inject and drawback with proper pressure until the nozzle vertically ejects a complete thin line.

  4. Print cleaning: replace the ink that has clogged nozzles with “nozzle cleaner,” use vector graphics software to print the color patches of this color, and then return the original ink when the nozzle clogging is cleared.

  Photo printer maintenance method

  If you have used the nozzle and need to be idle for a long time, you need to carry out professional maintenance methods and steps for the nozzle:[2]How to maintain your printer

  1. Remove the nozzle from the printer according to the correct method, and clean the residual ink stains;

  2. Use nozzle cleaner to clean the nozzle thoroughly;

  3. Inject a special nozzle maintenance agent into each ink column of the nozzle;

  How to choose a mobile printer

  Choose according to the printed matter.

  There are mobile printers such as a type that supports A4 copy paper and a photo printer that only supports photo printing. [3]Tips on how to choose a Mobile Printer

  The type that supports A4 paper is convenient when printing meeting materials and documents. You can use it with your business partners if you carry it in your bag.

  On the other hand, the photo printer type is characterized by being equipped with many convenient functions for printing photos. Some models can make stickers, so if you want to print pictures for album making, check the processes in detail.

  Can I print 4×6 photos on my printer?

  Most printers today should have no problem printing on 4×6 paper. The key word is “should.” In all likelihood, only individuals that own your specific printers will be able to help you, and they might not read the post.

  Is 6×4 the same as 4×6?

  Is 6×4 the same as 4×6? Photo prints are typically measured and presented as the width by the height. Therefore, a 4×6 photo is 4 inches long and 6 inches high, whereas a 6×4 image is 6 inches long and 4 inches tall. 4×6 prints are ideal for printing photos taken on a phone in portrait (vertical) orientation.

  What size is a 4×6 photo?

  approximately 4 inches by 6 inches

  4×6 prints are approximately 4 inches by 6 inches, or 4″ x 5 ⅞” (10 x 15cm / 101.6 x 152.4 mm). This is a standard photo print size since it mirrors the aspect ratio of the viewfinder of most digital cameras.

  How do you make a 4×6 photo 6×4?

  Answer: A: Set the constrain to 4×6, but click outside the margin to return the photo to full size. Then drag your cursor over the image to get the right 6×4 crop size by dragging it in the direction you want. If you remove the cursor vertically, the crop shape will change from horizontal to vertical.

  What size frame do I need for a 6×4 photo?

  Usually, for an image size of 4 x 6 inches, you could use a 6 x 8 or 8 x10 inches frame.

  What size is a 6×4 photo in CM?

  Print your photos in a classic 6×4” (10x15cm) format, the perfect fit for creative wall displays and photo albums or frames as reminders of your fond memories.

  What size is 4×6 on the printer?

  approximately 4” x 5 ⅞.”

  4×6: 4×6 prints measure about 4” x 5 ⅞”. This is the standard size in the photofinishing industry because this print size mirrors the aspect ratio of most digital cameras’ viewfinder. 4×6 prints are perfect for framed photos, cards, and a physical backup of any of your favorite digital images.

  How do I print a 4×6 photo on regular paper?

  Usually, you can choose in a program’s printer settings dialog box what size image you want to print (as well as what size paper you’re putting into the printer). You can print on any standard form and cut out the 4×6 image if you print on letter, legal, or any other size.

  Will a 4×6 picture fit in a 6×4 frame?

  So, if you have a 4×6 horizontal photo, the frame size would be 6×4.

  How do I print a 4×6 photo from my iPhone?

  •   Crop the photos to the 4 x 6 aspect ratio.
  •   With the photo(s) selected, type Command + P to start the print process.
  •   In print, select the printer and 4 x 6 borderless paper size.
  •   Select the 4 x 6 layout option.
  •   Print.

  Check the printing method.

  Inkjet type

  The inkjet type is a printing method used in many mobile printers. Among the models that can print on large-size paper, it is an excellent point that many things are required at a reasonable price.

  However, it should be noted that the ink is consumed every time printing is performed, so it is necessary to replace the ink when it runs out. Please also check how much ink is used for running costs.

  Thermal type

  The thermal type is a printing method by applying heat to special paper. There are things such as receipts and contracts that can be printed in black and white for business use and something that can be printed in full color as a photo printer.

  Many thermal-sensitive printers have a simple structure and have the advantage of being lightweight and easy to carry. Compared to the inkjet type, it has the advantage of not running out of ink, but it should be noted that there are some high-grade unique papers.

  Check the power supply.

  There are two main power supply methods for mobile printers: one that plugs an AC adapter into an outlet to supply power and one that charges the battery.

  The outlet type can be used without worrying about the battery capacity, so it is recommended for those who print a lot at once. The advantage of battery-charging type products is that they can be used in various places, indoors or outdoors, by charging them once. Some of them can be powered by a USB cable from your computer, so let’s check them out.

  Check out valuable features.

  When choosing a mobile printer, it is essential to check not only the printing and power supply methods but also whether they have helpful functions when using them.

  For example, if you select a model that supports Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, you can smoothly transfer and print data in conjunction with your smartphone. Also, depending on the product, some things can edit and process photos using a dedicated application.



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