Best Universal Power Adapter Selection Guide for 2022

  You’re preparing for a trip, whether it’s for vacation or work. You have everything planned, and a fundamental question comes to your mind, do I need a universal power adapter for my intelligent devices? The answer is yes. However, not all countries have the same power voltage. The same goes for the type of plug or socket.

  In today’s technology-filled world, we always carry more than one device. It makes our life fun, simple and easy. For this reason, we need to keep our electronic devices with batteries. We are talking about cell phones, cameras, tablets, and others. However, the connectors are not the same for each country. In any case, don’t miss the guide and read on! Are you up for it?

  The most important thing

  When purchasing a global power adapter, you must be clear about its operation and features. There are from the simplest to those with USB type A and C connections. Some of them also include an additional fuse to change.

  Another detail you should remember is that not all universal power connectors have dual voltage. Therefore, you should always make sure you need a transformer in addition to the adapter.

  Most appliances, such as hair dryers, irons, and other high-powered machines, cannot be used with this adapter. Along with these criteria, we explain further measures in the last section of the guide.

  Best Universal Power Adapters 2022 Buyer’s Guide: our recommendations

  Are you one of those people who frequently travel for work or pleasure and carry all your smart devices? Do you know how important an international power adapter is? Here are some of the best recommendations.

BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter 220V to 110V Voltage Converter

BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter 220V to 110V Voltage Converter

BESTEK Converter for 110V Devices: Patented technology converts voltage in different countries, including Australia (100-240V, 50/60Hz) to U.S./Japan voltage (110V, 60Hz), ideal for charging all kinds of devices
2000W Voltage Converter Step Down 220V to 110V

2000W Voltage Converter Step Down 220V to 110V

Travel adapters do not convert the voltage, OURS DO! BONANZA travel adapter combo is the smallest and lightest for use with U.S. and Canada Electric Products abroad like hair dryers, steam irons, electric kettles, laptops, iPhones, MacBooks, etc.
Unidapt Universal Travel Adapter

Unidad Universal Travel Adapter

You must power all your devices with a small compact size and 5 USB ports. Includes a Type C Smart Charging Port. Charge up to 6 devices at the same time in just one outlet!
Ceptics 12Pcs International Travel Worldwide Grounded Universal Plug Adapter Set

Ceptics 12Pcs International Travel Worldwide Grounded Universal Plug Adapter Set

2-Prong USA “polarized,” 3-Prong USA grounded, European, England, Australia, China, and India plug standards, almost every country EXCEPT large South African plug).

  Buying Guide: What you need to know about the universal power adapter

  When traveling abroad, you should consider having a power adapter since not all countries have the same connector type. For this reason, we have created a guide to help you with your choice, don’t miss it!

  What is a universal power adapter, and how to use it?

  Universal power connectors are electronic devices. Their function is to facilitate the connection of any plug model to an electricity point. They make it possible to adapt all electronic devices from one country to another. In this way, they prevent our appliances from being damaged or burned. Below, we will tell you the best way to use them.

  Power outlets: This is the first thing to check about the country we will visit. Not all adapters have the various types of plugs available.

  How to connect them: Depending on the model of the plug, we must first adjust the type of voltage for the country we are in. Some have pins that facilitate this function.

  What types of universal power adapters are there?

  Universal power connectors are generally based on the voltage used around the world. Therefore, you must know the voltage of the country you will be traveling to. This way, you will know if your connector will be helpful to you.

  Therefore, we must consider these two factors: type and voltage. It should be noted that the current intensity is, in most of America and Japan, 100-125 V. In the rest of the world, on the other hand, it is 220-240 V.

ATwo vertical pins.
Voltage 100-127.
United States
BTwo vertical pins plus a third-round pin.
Voltage 100-127.
United States
CTwo round pins.
It is the most universal.
Voltage 220-240.
South America
Part of Asia
DOne more giant round plug and two smaller ones.
Voltage 220-240.
ETwo round plugs and one round inlet.
Voltage 220-240.
FTwo round pins and two grounding pins.
Voltage 230.
Currents not exceeding 16 A.
Except for Ireland and the United Kingdom
GThree rectangular pins in the shape of a triangle.
Voltage 220-240.
United Kingdom
HThree V-shaped flat pins.
Voltage 220-240.
ITwo flat plugs and a third grounded plug on top of them.
Voltage 220-240.
New Zealand
JTwo round plugs and a third grounded plug on them.
Voltage 220-240.
KTwo round plugs and a third ground underneath.
Voltage 220-240.
LThree round pins in parallel, the center pin is grounded. 220-240 voltage.Chile
MThree round pins form a triangle.
Voltage 220-240.
South Africa
NTwo round pins and a third slightly above.
Voltage 100-240.
South Africa

  What are the advantages of universal power adapters?

  This type of international power adapter has revolutionized how each country carries a plug-in in addition n to the voltage problem, which we have already discussed. Today, it makes it easier to transport and requires less space in your luggage.

  Another virtue is the ability to connect to more than one device. They are also designed to adapt to the USB cables required by smartphones and laptops. In addition to their advantages, we will show you the disadvantages they may have.


  •   They are adapted to any part of the world.
  •   Keep your devices on battery with a single device.
  •   All in one product.
  •   Compact and easy to carry.
  •   Pleasant designs, unlike conventional ones.
  •   Ports for the USB cable.


  •   Cost may vary by model.
  •   Higher cost than a conventional hardware store plug.

  When is a universal power adapter with USB ports necessary?

  Today, many users still use conventional universal adapters. However, that is changing with technology and the use of intelligent devices. People must carry a connector for their USB devices with them on every trip.

  This model of USB device has become an ideal travel companion. Its space-saving packing and practicality make it a must-have device for every traveler.

“The concept of mobile today has already crossed the boundaries of the smartphone itself. It has therefore extended to all connected devices that make our lives easier.”

  Universal power adapter with USB vs. universal power adapter without USB?

  At this part of the guide, you will already better understand the global power adapter and its models. As we know, the conventional type of connector allows you to connect only one device at a time, making the task difficult if you carry more than one device.

  This activity is cumbersome when packing your suitcase. However, it will depend on your comfort level. Some people feel comfortable and safe using a conventional connector without a USB connection.

  What other features should I consider when purchasing a universal power adapter?

  Before buying a universal power connector, you should review your appliances. Also, the needs you want this device to meet. There are often small features that make a difference and may be necessary.

  •   Grounding: Some models in certain countries have it, as is the case of the connector type F-H-I-J-K-L and N. Its function is to avoid breakdowns when there are power changes.
  •   Certifications: This is an authentication that the product meets the established criteria and standards. We can find authentications such as FCC for the United States and C.E. for France. Also, RCM for Australia and CSA for Canada, among others.

  Purchasing Criteria

  Now that you have many questions answered about the universal power adapter, it’s time to make your decision. However, there are specific criteria you should keep in mind. For example, the number of appliances we are going to carry.


  Not long ago, you had to carry a universal power connector for each device. On the other hand, it is easy to have just one for all of them today. This usually measures 8 x 6 x 7 centimeters.

  USB port

  Are you a technology lover and carry multiple smart devices with you? Having an international power connector with a USB port is your best option. Today, the vast majority of devices have some form of USB charging. Here are a few types:

  •   USB type A is the most widely used and standard model among adapters. It has a rectangular shape and is supported by all USB versions.
  •   USB type C: It is a pattern of recent implementation. It is small and allows a higher data transfer rate than previous models. Some connectors have one of these different designs.

  Safety fuse

  This is one of the features that the vast majority of universal power adapters have. The function of the safety fuse is to prevent a power surge from damaging your devices. This type of connector has the advantage that the fuse can be replaced if it blows.

  It usually has a slot you can open and remove to replace it. It is a peculiarity to keep in mind when choosing an adapter.


  Not all international power connectors are rated for 100-240V. This means that you should check your devices before deciding on one or the other. Many adapter brands specify that they do not convert the corresponding voltage.

  However, many modern smart devices are dual voltage. It means that they accept both 110-120 V and 220-240 V.

  LED light

  Most universal power adapters include an LED power indicator. This little feature can help you make sure your devices are charging correctly.

  As is customary on a trip, you don’t want to miss out on the pictures of your best moments due to lack of charge. It will also be helpful for you not to leave any device connected more than necessary. This way, you will avoid failures or overheating.


  Throughout this guide on universal power adapters, we have touched on several relevant topics. Indeed, you have found it helpful, and it has answered many of your questions. Consequently, this information will allow you to choose which international power plug suits your search.

  Finally, universal plugs are an indispensable accessory that must be included in our suitcase. Do not forget to find out the voltage and current characteristics of the country you visit. It will be of vital importance when choosing the right one.



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