Best Retractable Desk Buying Guide for 2022

  The rise of telecommuting means that many people have to set up spaces in their homes to carry out their daily activities. This has led to a surge in desktop sales, especially foldable and expandable models. In this article, we’ll deal with the last type of desk.

  The average size of households does not stand out for its breadth. A retractable desk is an ideal solution for students and remote workers in these situations. They are versatile and durable furniture and are available in a variety of designs and colors. Best of all: they fit in any corner.

  the most important

  Lack of space has led many people to buy retractable desks instead of traditional desks. For work or study, these types of desks are available in various styles and colors. They can be made of natural wood or particleboard, with metal and glass parts.

  Retractable desks have many advantages. The ability to place them anywhere or the storage that some models offer are just two. If you plan to use it frequently, you should clean your desk often: you’ll prolong its life and keep germs out.

  It would help to place the folding table in a well-lit area but avoid direct sunlight. To choose the ideal model, you must consider factors such as where it will be remembered, its dimensions, the style of the rest of the furniture, and the storage options it offers.

  The best retractable desks: our recommendations

  Those who work from home know the importance of having the proper workspace. Hence the importance of the desk.

FlexiSpot Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter 47 Inch Stand Up Desk Riser

FlexiSpot Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter 47 Inch Stand Up Desk Riser

it’s generous 47″ width allows to support two screens up to 27.”
Our single-handle design makes it super easy to adjust the desk’s height safely. You never need to use two hands or extra force like other brands.
Rocelco 32" Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

Rocelco 32" Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

Sturdy metal frame with easy-grip side handle and gas piston assist, can raise and lower up to 30 pounds with continuous height adjustment from 4.75″ up to 16.75″ above the desktop to optimize the ergonomic work position for people of most heights.
FEZIBO Height Adjustable

FEZIBO Height Adjustable

Adjust the height. Combine office & health for a more comfortable experience.
The brake system is controlled by a pneumatic spring to adjust different tabletop heights, allowing ergonomic working positions from sitting to standing.
Stand Up Desk Store Compact Clamp-On Retractable Adjustable Height Under Desk Keyboard Tray

Stand Up Desk Store Compact Clamp-On Retractable Adjustable Height Under Desk Keyboard Tray

Places your keyboard at an optimum, ergonomic height for comfortable typing; tool and modification-free attachment to the front edge of the desk

  What you should know about retractable desks

  Current expandable desks can fit multiple spaces. In addition, they have various options and accessories such as wheels, shelves, computer stands, and monitors.

  What is a retractable desk?

  Retractable desks are work desks we can keep closed when not in use. They are usually placed against a wall, pretending to be another piece of decorative furniture. However, when they are unfolded, the workspace doubles, from 35-40 cm deep to almost 80 cm.

  There are a variety of extendable desks, from classic-inspired models to functional designs that fit any space. Some have compartments and drawers, making them very similar to the old shutter bureaus. What all of these desks have in common is that they have a foldable or extendable desk that expands the work area.

  What are the advantages of a retractable desk?

  You might be wondering what advantages an extendable desk has over other types of workbenches. Below, we offer you a list of reasons that will end your doubts and silences and make your decision to buy these versatile pieces of furniture.

  •   Use space. Whether you live in an apartment or a big house: Optimizing the area is always essential. You will only show this type of desk when you need it. The rest of the time, it’s just another decoration in your home.
  •   Workspace. Whether you work remotely or study, you must have a space where you can focus. You can place the retractable desk where it suits you best.
  •   Decorative furniture. You can fold the desk and turn it into a decorative console when not in use. Therefore, the desk’s style must match your furniture’s style.
  •   Order. Many retractable desks have shelves, drawers, and organizers to store your stuff. Most also have two heights to place your PC monitor higher.
  •   Durable. Just because a desk is retractable doesn’t mean it’s less sturdy and stable than a traditional desk. Depending on materials and hardware, retractable desks can last for years.
  •   Price. The price of a retractable desk is usually similar to that of a traditional desk. However, think about the two pieces of furniture you’ll combine into one, not to mention the space they save.

  How many types of retractable desks are there?

  There are many types of retractable desks:

  •   Some consist of a smaller table that is stored under another larger table.
  •   Other models are more sophisticated and can fold and hide the top when not needed.
  •   Some tables simply consist of a table attached to the wall by hinges.
  •   Additionally, some living room coffee and coffee tables can double as desks.

  How to properly clean a retractable desk?

  A 2012 study by the University of San Diego concluded that more than 500 microbes could coexist on desks ( 1 ). If you sit at your desk and work for hours, so does your desk at home. But how do you keep it clean and sanitized without damaging its surface?

  •   Not all retractable desks are cleaned the same way, depending on their material. First, you should remove dust from the surface with a soft cloth. Wet another cloth with water and mild soap and clean the table in circular motions. Dry with another material and apply a little disinfectant if you wish.
  •   Wood. Use products specifically designed to clean wood. If using water, do not soak the cloth too much, or it may damage its surface.
  •   Melamine. It is a coating material widely used in various furniture. Use soap and water, but don’t soak the cloth too much, or you may damage the particleboard. Window cleaners also work well.
  •   Metal. When cleaning your desk, don’t forget its metal parts. Do not use strong products such as ammonia.
  •   Glass and crystal. Some tables have glass or crystal panels. To clean them, it’s best to use warm water and a mild soap or glass cleaner.

  Where is the best place to place your retractable desk?

  If you’re buying an expandable desk, you must plan where it will be used. It doesn’t matter if you use it as a study space or a workbench. Here are some quick tips on how and where to place your desk.

  •   Window. Ideally, place your desk in front of a window to take advantage of the natural light. If you are right-handed, make sure the window is on the left and vice versa.
  •   Beware of excessive light. Place curtains or blinds over windows to prevent direct sunlight from reaching your desk. This will create a charming, shadow-free diffuse light.
  •   Glue the table to the wall. A retractable desk is a narrow piece of furniture designed to stick to a wall. Unlike traditional ones, they are not intended to be placed in the middle of a space.
  •   Avoid the room. If you don’t have an office, choose the quietest space, such as the room furthest away from the living room. A wide hallway can also be an excellent place to place it.

  purchase criteria

  A retractable deck is the best option if you have space issues in your home and need a work desk. However, available space isn’t the only factor you must evaluate when shopping for an expandable desk.


  Once you’ve figured out where to place your study desk, choose the right size desk. Most tables are about 29 inches tall, which is essential if you’re tall. Some models are height adjustable, and you can adjust them to your size.

  The background of an expandable desktop is usually half that of a traditional desktop. Unfolded, however, it can reach 31.5 inches, which is more than enough for any task. As for the table’s width, the minimum should be 47 inches to work comfortably. If you’re working on a computer, a 31.5-inch desk might suffice.


  There is a wide variety of retractable desks, from simple four-legged tables to sophisticated furniture with built-in drawers, shelves, and bookcases. We recommend choosing a retractable desk with storage if you have the space. So you’ll be in control and organized.

  The style of the table should also carry weight in your choice. Think your desk will be a piece of your furniture. Therefore, it has to be integrated with it. If your furniture style is functional and modern, you will have an easier time finding a suitable desk. But there are also classic retractable desks with very decorative designs.


  As for the materials of manufacture, retractable desks also offer various options. The most classic models are usually made of wood, making them a little more expensive. They are lovely but also require more care when cleaning. There are also glass and metal desks that are visually very modern and groundbreaking.

  However, the most common material for making such furniture is melamine-coated particleboard. It is a very durable material, available in various colors, and can be easily combined with many styles. Also, melamine furniture is generally less expensive than wood.

  storage space

  If you usually work or study at your desk, you will need space to keep your things. Retractable desks are very compact pieces of furniture. That doesn’t mean there are many models with drawers, shelves, and compartments where you can put everything. This option will make the table slightly more expensive, but not as expensive as buying a separate frame or chest of drawers.

  Some allow you to hide cables if you plan to use your computer with an extendable desk. This way, you can collect and hide them, making everything more organized and beautiful. Desks with shelves on one side for books and documents are also popular.


  A table with wheels is always an exciting option. This way, you can move it around if you need more natural light, for example. Or if you want to put it in a quieter part of the house. Before buying tables with wheels, make sure they are good quality and lockable.


  If you’re going to be sitting at your desk for hours, it has to be stable. Retractable models must be as sturdy as traditional desks. Check that the lid is secure and sound when the desk is opened to work. Tables with hinged tops are less stable than tables supported by legs or drawers.


  Unless you buy it from an easy-to-assemble furniture store, you usually have to assemble the table yourself. The difficulty depends on the table type and how many shelves or drawers it has. Generally speaking, they’re not complicated to make, but if you’re buying online, it’s worth considering other people’s opinions.


  Retractable desks are the ideal solution for tiny homes. Not all of us have a room that can be used as an office. As a result, this type of workbench has become one of the best-selling furniture pieces. Retractable desks are available in many designs and colors to suit any furniture style.

  The advantages of this workbench are many. Mainly for space-saving, versatility, the storage they provide, etc. This article also tells you what to look for to choose the expandable desk that best suits your needs and available space.



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