Buying Guide to the Best Cat Beds in 2022

  Cats sleep for hours a day, and having a good bed is essential for their health. In addition, these pets are animals that love to have their own space, especially when resting. A cat bed will make them very comfortable and happy even if they share a sofa or other area with you.

  This guide is designed to show you the variety of options for cat beds on the market. It will also help you understand many of your feline’s behaviors. When you have cats at home, we’ll answer common questions and their resting habits. Don’t miss it. This will be very useful to you.

  the most important

  Cats need a quiet place to rest. A bed is ideal as it will leave its hair there. But it’s always best to keep it somewhere he frequents so he can use it and love it.

  There are beds for all cats, from suspicious or unsafe animals who want a secluded corner to those who love to be outside but need a moisture-proof bed.

  If your cat wants to sleep outside, this is normal and has a dedicated bed. If he wants to be with you or in your bed, he must also have a place that respects you and his space.

  Buying Guide to the Best Cat Beds in 2022: our favorites

  In this section, you’ll see a compilation of five of the most popular cat beds on the market. In addition, we summarize and highlight its key features to make it easier for you to understand each product.

rabbitgoo Cat Bed for Indoor Cats

rabbitgoo Cat Bed for Indoor Cats

This bed is made of plush polyester fabric. Plump and skin-friendly, ensuring your furry friend is surrounded by warmth. Very suitable for an air-conditioned room or cold winter. Paired with premium pp cotton filling, the bed’s elasticity, and comfort increase. Your pet will be free to step on and lie down and fall in love with it.
MEOWFIA Premium Felt Cat Bed Cave

MEOWFIA Premium Felt Cat Bed Cave

Handmade Premium Cat Cave from 100% Merino Wool. Perfect Gift for beloved cats and cat lovers
Warm, cozy, and durable cat bed for your lovely cat and unique touch to home decor. Perfect for cats to play, nap, rest, relax and sleep inside or on top
Feltcave Cat Cave Bed, Handmade from Wool

Feltcave Cat Cave Bed, Handmade from Wool

Our Premium Felt Cat Cave for indoor cats is a modern, cozy cat bed made from felted wool. It’s made from soft, flexible felt, the ideal cat hiding place.
Hepper Pod - Cat Tower and Enclosed Cat Bed Cave

Hepper Pod – Cat Tower and Enclosed Cat Bed Cave

Your kitty will nap soundly in this warming, calming cat house elevated above the floor in this cute, covered hideaway home. The metal stand with a rubber base ensures their safety.

  What you should know about cat beds

  You must understand the most common characteristics of these pets before purchasing a cat bed. This way, you will be able to choose better the right product for you.

  Why does my pet spend so many hours in his cat’s bed?

  Although they sometimes behave like swift hunters, cats spend much time resting. They sleep about 70% of the day, and you must understand that their sleep cycle differs from humans. Babies and older cats sleep more. So don’t be afraid if you see your pet in his bed for an extended period.

  You have to think, even if it’s a house cat, it’s usually doing things that make it very tiring in its play program. You need to recover. Also, for your health, you must sleep when your body demands it.

  Why does my cat need its bed?

  Even if you see your cat spending hours on the couch or bed, having your cat is very necessary. This animal has its own space, it smells like it, and they love it. There are also beds created according to each animal’s needs. So if he is a mistrustful cat, you can give him a covered cat to make him feel safe.

  Additionally, while these animals sleep a lot, they also engage in a lot of physical activity while playing. So you need a soft surface to rest your body on. There are also benefits to providing them with materials adapted to weather conditions. This is very necessary for your comfort.

  Why should my cat have its bed?

  For you, having your cat in its bed will give you a lot of benefits. It won’t keep its hairs in your space, but they will be collected on its bed. If you have allergies, a bed for your cat is the best solution because it won’t leave skin-damaging elements on your furniture, but it will. And they are easy to clean.

  It won’t scratch the furniture you sleep on, a common practice for cats, but they will play with their bed. For this reason, making several extra beds in the cat’s favorite place to rest is advisable.

  Why does my cat sometimes sleep under your bed?

  Due to their nature as hunters, cats need places where they feel sheltered to rest, like a burrow. And they are hot. The hole they get warm and secure is very comfortable, so sometimes you can find it under their bed instead of on it.

  For this reason, cat beds with some covering on top have become fashionable. Others put blankets on the bed. This way, your pet can be covered with a blanket while keeping the bed warm under his body.

  Why doesn’t my cat like his bed?

  It may be that your pet refuses his bed and continues to use the places he frequents to rest—for many reasons. Chances are you put it in a part of the house it doesn’t like. Or maybe it’s because of touch or smell that the material it’s made from or filled with isn’t quite to your liking. [1]Why Won’t My Cat Sleep In Its Bed?

  Also, remember that cats are elegant, and your pet needs a clean bed. Most are machine washable. Sometimes, coming out of the washing machine, he may not like that his bed doesn’t smell like him. To do this, place one of his toys in his space. Please take into account their habits in choosing their preferred bed.

  What time of day does my cat use his bed the most?

  Cats are most active at dawn and the beginning of the night. Therefore, your cat will be eager to eat, play, and jump when you are most likely in “rest mode.” At the same time, your busy time is when your cat uses his bed most often.

  Although your pet provides excellent food in your house, its instincts cause it to be more awake at night, which will be when it has to hunt due to its ability to see in the dark. In addition, cats like to use the sunlight during the day to lie down, rest, and enjoy the warmth they bring.

  Can I put my cat’s bed in the garden?

  If possible. Especially during the hours of the day when your animal will be outdoors enjoying the sun. But experts recommend that animals sleep indoors at night to protect themselves from the cold. If you prefer to keep it outside, or you find that your cat likes to be outside the house all the time, reserve a safe and secluded space for it.

  Waterproof and well-protected beds can be used exclusively, so cats don’t catch colds even if they stay in the garden at home. As with one of the kittens, please pay attention to their behavior and desire to be happy. Even with a garden, some kittens want to be in the house.

  What is the best place to put a cat bed in the house?

  You have to choose the location based on the size of the bed and the space it takes up. It’s also good to consider which parts of the house your cat visits the most and where he likes to lie down. You can also place several beds to protect your chairs and sofa, as the cat will change positions depending on the time of day.

  It should be remembered that cats are difficult to control. They make rules, and they’re also there to keep their habits, so it’s best to place their bed with their favorite places in mind. If you don’t, there’s a good chance he’ll ignore his bed and continue to frequent the parts of the house where he likes to sleep.

  Can I let my cat sleep in my bed?

  Your cat can sleep with you if you want and see that he is comfortable. It’s a common practice for many people to place their kitten’s bed on top of themselves, so the animal has room. A common practice is to put the bed on top of you. So they will be together, but each has its own space.

  Cats are habitual animals. They would love to sleep close to your face when they were babies. When they grow up, they usually stand at your feet. Many people like to sleep near their cats. Although you should know that he can wake you up more often at night because he wakes up or asks for food early.

  What are the benefits of sharing a bed with my cat?

  Some studies claim petting animals can relieve stress and increase oxytocin production. It has also been said that people who have cats at home have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Cats are animals that provide enjoyable companionship, which eliminates loneliness.

  For some people, a cat’s purr is very soothing. So it helps them fall asleep because animals tend to be cuter at night when their owners are nearby. Animals will love to receive the warmth of your body and share a few moments with you. Experts say it strengthens emotional bonds.

  Under what circumstances should my cat and I not share a bed?

  If you are allergic to cats or have asthma, it is best to sleep in a different place. Also, if you share a bed with your little one, it’s best to find another home for your cat, as it may want to sleep too close to the child. On the other hand, if you’re a light sleeper, keep in mind that cats can wake you up at night.

  It is worth mentioning that most pets can transmit certain diseases. These are isolated cases in cats, but kittens can infect their owners with so-called cat-scratch disease, Chagas disease, or the Black Death.

  Should my cat sleep in my bed if I am allergic to cats?

  Cat skin has a protein called Fel d1, which some people are allergic to. In this case, you can continue living with your cat, but with some precautions. Brushing the animals’ teeth frequently, removing carpets, cleaning the house more, and avoiding sleeping together are recommended. The last part is hard for many people.

  At the same time, it’s good to know that mattresses, duvets, linens, and upholstery attract allergens. Therefore, it is best to avoid sharing them. In this case, your cat’s specific bed will be a good ally. Because if he had his bed, he wouldn’t be lying on a surface he could share with you.

  Can I train my cat to sleep where I want?

  Cats are known for imposing their own rules rather than following those set by others. But it can be taught to do certain things we want to do. Education should also start when he arrives at your house because when he is used to something, it will be difficult for him to change the habit.

  Also, you can educate him, but within his taste range. If he likes to lie on the couch, don’t have his bed in another part of the house. Please put it on the sofa, near the couch, or high up. You can also leave a snack on his bed, where you want him to sleep, or a piece of clothing that smells like you so he doesn’t miss you.

  What type of bed do cats prefer?

  If it prefers to curl up, a round bolster or cave bed at least 15 inches in diameter is a good bet—but don’t shy away from more extensive beds that are enclosed because they offer the security some cats prefer with the ability to stretch out when needed.

  Do cats prefer open or closed beds?

  If so, your cat probably would prefer a bed which provides more structure and security,” explains Brian Badaracco, Director of Pet Bedding Petmate. “For nesters, a bed with high side walls and closed top will be inviting – it will provide the peace of mind and quiet he prefers.

  purchase criteria

  A cat bed is essential for your pet, who loves to have his own space to help him rest. When choosing one of these, you must analyze what suits you and, most importantly, which one your pet might prefer based on his personality.


  Getting your cat to adjust to his bed or mattress properly is essential to rest well. Many beds are closed to give the animal a sense of security, so it must fit inside. The bed should be purchased according to the animal’s length and weight.

  There are a lot of beds that come in just one size, so you need to look closely. Most are suitable for medium-sized cats, which are the most common. If you have a very long or obese pet, you should pay more attention to the product’s characteristics, especially if it is in an enclosed space.

  external material

  The bed’s outer part will give your pet a more or less pleasant touch. It also allows the bed to be placed in one place or another. The exterior of a cat bed can be cotton, plush, foam, wool, leather, latex, plastic, or wicker. Materials should be selected based on the time of year.


  The material filling your cat’s bed will be critical to its comfort. The ground does not provide rest. A cat is always on some surface in your home. If you want to give him his own space, find a bed with enough padding to keep him fluffy and comfortable.

  The most common filler is foam rubber. Although if you have an older cat or a cat with joint problems, look for a bed filled with memory foam. If your pet is allergic, choose cotton, wool, or feathers. A hammock or wicker bed is standard in summer, sometimes with a mattress, or you can place it yourself.

  beds according to where they are located

  To place the bed, it’s best to choose your cat’s favorite spot. If it’s more outdoors, look for a place that’s both moisture-proof and warm. However, if your pet likes to sit on the sofa, put a bed that fits the space. If you don’t want to be on a surface, an upholstered bed is your best bet.

  On the other hand, if your cat is cold or distrustful and likes to hide and sleep, place a covered bed in the form of a roofed or sleeping bag-style house. But if he prefers to spend hours leaning out the window or on tall furniture in your home, the best option is a hammock.


  Cat beds are ideal for giving your pet their own space and improving their health and rest. For you, giving your cat his bed prevents him from damaging your furniture with his nails or covering him with hair. Also, if you have allergies, harmful particles can collect in these small spaces.

  Although they like to share a bed or sofa with you, give your cat their own space. These pets need privacy to feel comfortable. There are various products on the market, depending on your cat’s personality and where you want to place them. You can even place multiple and put them in their favorite corners.

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