Best Bird Feeder Buying Guide for 2022

  Close your eyes and listen for a while. Aren’t you enjoying the relaxing bird song every day? Feed them properly, and they will visit you and see. Remember, providing them with suitable habitat and quality of life is essential, whether in the wild or in captivity. To that end, there is no doubt that there is nothing better than investing in a suitable bird feeder.

  Birds are animals with little-known abilities. For example, Ravens already know that vehicles can open nuts. Likewise, sparrows can open automatic doors in supermarkets to get food.

  the most important

  A bird feeder is an essential accessory if you love birds, whether in captivity or the wild.

  When buying a bird feeder, it is essential to consider its ease of cleaning and that it has supports where the animals can roost and eat with peace of mind.

  Another essential fundamental aspect to consider is the material’s robustness, especially if you are going to place it outdoors, whether on a patio, garden, or window.

  Best Bird Feeder Buying Guide for 2022: Our favorites

  In some parts of the United States, it is customary to help birds when they need it most, especially in winter when food is scarce. If you want to join in, there are a wide variety of bird feeders on the market, and we’ve selected the best and newest models here.

KVISTER Bird Feeder for Outside

KESTER Bird Feeder for Outside

This bird feeder is made of high-grade copper. It will not wear out and rust. It is very durable. Don’t worry about bad weather such as blizzards or rain. Small and light, suitable for all seasons.
iBorn Finch Bird feeders for Thistle Seed Feeder Nyger Outside Hanging Outdoors 8 Inch Copper

iBorn Finch Bird feeders for Thistle Seed Feeder Nyger Outside Hanging Outdoors 8 Inch Copper

8 Inch Height Feeder with base measures 3.7 inches by 3.7 inches with hanger
four standing port allow more varieties of birds to perch at once. Thistle Seed Tube Feeder Attracting goldfinches to your garden yard. Various birds love this feeder, including goldfinches, finches, chickadees, redpolls, and siskins. Easily hanging it anywhere on tree branches or poles, feeding station.
Kingsyard Metal Bird Feeder for Outside

Kingsyard Metal Bird Feeder for Outside

Attractive garden design. Powder-coated, all-metal construction ensures durability for years.
Seeds remain fresh with our built-in precipitation drainage holes. Six ports accommodate multiple birds feeding.
Kingsyard Bird Feeders for Outside Hanging Metal Parts Tube Bird Feeder

Kingsyard Bird Feeders for Outside Hanging Metal Parts Tube Bird Feeder

Attractive garden design. All metal parts in Anti-UV coating. High-quality tube in PC material.
Seeds remain fresh with built-in precipitation drainage holes. 4 ports accommodate multiple birds feeding.

  Things You Should Know About Bird Feeders

  There’s no need to have a house in the country to enjoy the birds singing or to relax and observe their behavior. An outside-facing window will suffice, and you can contribute to their food in winter and summer with a suitable bird feeder.

  What are bird feeders, and what are they used for?

  They are containers of different sizes and shapes placed inside or outside the cage and have an opening to put food for the birds. There are outdoor feeders and equipment containing seeds and grains so wild birds can feed when it rains or snows.

  They were gradually introduced into our country. Protecting this type of feeder from cats, squirrels, and other animals is necessary if it is placed outside the house and hung from trees, parks, or gardens.

  What should the ideal bird feeder look like?

  The ideal bird feeder should be sturdy enough to get through winter quickly. Also, it should be waterproof and moisture-proof, so the seeds don’t get wet. Finally, this bird feeder should be easy to assemble, install, and clean.

  When to put food in wild bird feeders?

  Generally, during prolonged periods of cold and snow. Specifically, feeding is recommended from mid-November to the end of March. Feeding birds in spring and summer is not recommended for two reasons. For one thing, many birds become insectivorous during these seasons.

  On the other hand, it is not advisable to feed birds in the wild during the hot season so as not to become dependent on the young birds of the year, and you must learn to feed yourself.

  Where are the bird feeders?

  Keeping a parrot in a cage is not the same as feeding a wild bird. In any case, you should keep them away from predators such as cats, so be careful if there are bushes nearby that cats can climb on. If you enjoy bird watching, here are some tips:

  •   You want a clear view of the bird feeder, so it’s best to place it in a precise spot where you can easily see it from a window.
  •   It is essential to place bird feeders where they can be used as shelter in severe weather conditions. If it rains or snows a lot in your area, look for places where birds can be protected from extreme weather.
  •   Remember that bird feeders are located where you can quickly replenish them. If you need to climb stairs for surgery, performing regular tasks such as cleaning is more complicated.
  •   It is also convenient to use bright colors to attract the attention of wild birds. Use pots with flowers and colored objects to reach the food dispenser.
  •   Use the best seeds and grains for each wild bird. Hummingbirds love nectar, but not all birds do.
  •   If you want free-roaming birds to stay in the bird feeder longer than they feed, add habitat for comfort and get plenty of water from the drinker.
  •   Although sometimes we can’t see them, many birds sneak in to enjoy the feeders. Therefore, it is recommended to check grain levels frequently.

  Why is it a good idea to have a roof on a bird feeder?

  Generally speaking, it doesn’t matter whether the bird feeder has a roof, but if you want to feed wild birds, it’s a good idea to have one. In addition to preventing rain and larger birds, it also ensures that the seeds stay dry and birds can use the feeder overnight.

  What food can be put in the feeder of wild birds?

  In winter, the most suitable foods are high-calorie foods, such as peanuts, black seeds, and other high-fat foods. The suet balls and suet cakes are also highly recommended during the colder months, although they are available year-round. Other recommended foods are:

  •   Seed mix: A mix of sunflower, peanuts, and cornmeal is best.
  •   Sunflower seeds: if possible, do not rib, do not roast and do not add salt.
  •   Nuts: Crushed almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, and corn, unroasted and unsalted.
  •   Seeds: Small, such as millet, oats, or Niger.
  •   Fruit: fresh and dehydrated.
  •   Bread: Plain vegetable oil or vegetable oil mixed with seeds, berries, or insects.

  What kind of birds usually come to the bird feeder?

  Not all birds visit open-air feeders, but you will see some grain-eating sparrows regularly. Remember, the visit won’t happen immediately, as birds first ensure they’re in a safe environment. In the following list, you can see some of the most common species:

  •   scapular woodpecker
  •   desert wren
  •   California Quail
  •   Hawaiian goose
  •   cardinal of the north
  •   roadrunner
  •   Yingying

  How do I clean a bird feeder?

  Keeping bird feeders clean is critical as bird feeders can carry diseases. In general, thorough cleaning once or twice a month is recommended. For outdoor bird feeders, it’s a good idea to wait out the winter feeding season. To perform maintenance, follow these steps:

  •   Wear rubber gloves to clean and avoid unwanted pathogens. It’s also essential to have a brush on hand — you can find encounters of all sizes and shapes at pet stores — to remove dirt from perches, hooks, or posts. You can also use an old toothbrush and save money.
  •   Disassemble the bird feeder as much as possible to clean all removable parts thoroughly.
  •   Don’t forget to clean the area near the feeder, including the sides and below, where there may be traces of seeds or wet grain. Remove it before cleaning.
  •   You can use a commercial cleaning product or mix one part bleach with nine parts hot water. Another effective formula is to use the dishwashing detergent you usually use at home.
  •   Continue to brush feces and waste from the feeder from the inside and outside.
  •   After removing all dirt and organic residue, continue rinse with plenty of water and dry the feeder before using it again.

  What special care should I take for an outdoor bird feeder?

  If you’ve come this far, you’ll already realize that cleaning is critical for bird feeders because of the disease risk. Cleaning during the thaw season is essential for people who live in snowy areas. Bacteria mix with food and water and can cause outbreaks.

  On the other hand, any risk of fecal or food residue contamination must be avoided. Although cleaning twice a month is recommended, do it as often as possible. If you have a lot of birds, you will be aware of their need. Also, don’t let a lot of uneaten food build up.

  purchase criteria

  Buying a bird feeder should be easy, but there are so many models and varieties it can be hard to choose one. Therefore, you must consider several factors to avoid mistakes when purchasing.

  Captive or wild birds

  Especially if you are a beginner, you must know whether you want a feeder for your birds at home or, conversely, whether you want to feed wild birds. In the case of cages, don’t forget to check the data on feeder measurements. It won’t do any good if you can’t fit inside the dimensions.

  Where are you going to put it?

  You want to place bird feeders in a house or apartment differently than in a garden or patio. If it’s outdoors, you’ve seen models with wall supports, pendants, suction cups, etc., but you have to account for predators like cats and keep them out of their reach.

  easy to use

  Bird feeders should be simple and easy to use. We mean the convenience of refilling or emptying food. Also, it would help if you considered that these pets are also comfortable, whether on your property or roam freely in forests and city parks.

  In this sense, bird feeders must have support or perches so birds can perch and obtain food without difficulty. Consider this aspect.


  There are many different bird feeder designs. Have a very decorative design for your patio or garden, but also consider the essential aspects of bird comfort. The feeder must be spacious and spacious, and if it is to be placed outside, it must also have a roof.


  The material from which the bird feeder is made is also a fundamental factor. When used outdoors, the material must be solid and durable enough to withstand harsh weather. If it is made of wood, it must be treated to keep it from getting wet. Always choose quality if possible.


  Finally, one of the most important factors is the ease of cleaning the bird feeder. It would be nice to have removable parts for easy maintenance. Bet on simple models highlighting the ease of cleaning, so tasks aren’t unpleasant or uncomfortable.


  Bird feeders are highly relevant accessories for birds because their livelihoods depend on them. They must be comprehensive and well supported, so the animal can pose calmly before reaching for food. There are various models, and the best ones are that you can buy them online.

  Regarding price, bird feeders aren’t expensive, so you should focus on other more important features like materials, design, or ease of cleaning, the latter being a critical factor in the health of these little gems of nature. They bring beauty to their songs or just by looking at them.




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