Best Vacuum Cleaner Selection Guide for 2022

Carrying out cleaning tasks at home is not always pleasant. Or maybe you just don’t have time. Robot vacuum cleaners have been with us for decades, but technology has managed to democratize their access. They are devices that are distinguished by two basic characteristics: their autonomy and their great suction power.

With technological advances, some robot vacuum cleaners even mop after vacuuming the entire house. The use of sensors allows the device to detect obstacles and recharge itself when the battery runs out. A luxury that is now within our reach, as we will see throughout this article.

The most important

Current robot vacuum cleaners stand out for their great power of autonomy and their proven suction capacity.

The new models incorporate very advanced technological features and can, among other possibilities, be controlled through a mobile application.

The most modern appliances allow you to program the appliance from anywhere and include the possibility of mopping the floor.

The product has become indispensable for pet owners and for cleaning large areas.

The best robot vacuum cleaners on the market: our recommendations

Next, we show the five best automatic cleaning devices that you can find on the market. Differences in price and performance mark the best choice for your needs. Analyze the characteristics of each one well and choose the most suitable for your home or that of your relatives. You will not regret.

iRobot Roomba j7+ (7550) Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba j7+ (7550) Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum

Powerful 3-Stage Cleaning System packs 10x the Power-Lifting Suction, an Edge-Sweeping Brush gets along walls and corners, and patented Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes flex to adjust to different floor types and don’t get tangled with pet hair. Compared to the Roomba 600 series cleaning system.
Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum and Mop

Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum and Mop

Roborock S7 accurately identifies carpets using ultrasonic sound. Once a carpet is recognized, S7 will automictically boost the suction power for a deeper carpet cleaning. You can also choose to have the mop lift to vacuum low-pile carpets, or use No-Mop Zones to prevent it from cleaning medium and high-pile ones. You do not need to worry about wet carpets while cleaning the floor.
iRobot Roomba s9+ (9550) Robot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba s9+ (9550) Robot Vacuum

You—and your home—deserve the best. With groundbreaking technology and a sophisticated design, the s9 is our smartest, most powerful robot vacuum yet.
Shark RV1001AE IQ Robot Self-Empty XL

Shark RV1001AE IQ Robot Self-Empty XL

Methodically cleans row by row and then navigates room to room for complete home coverage.
The Shark IQ Robot vacuum will return to the dock, recharge, and can pick up where it left off.
eufy by Anker,BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim)

eufy by Anker,BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim)

Vacuums for up to 100 minutes** on hardwood floors with consistant, powerful suction at a volume no louder than an operating microwave. Premium Features: Anti-scratch tempered glass-top cover for protection, infrared-sensor for evading obstacles, and drop-sensing tech to avoid falls. Automatically recharges so it’s always ready to clean.

What you should know about robot vacuum cleaners

There are many types of robot vacuum cleaners available in the market. Before deciding, you should analyze its characteristics so that it adapts to your needs. A small apartment is not the same as a family home. Next, we show you the usual questions from users so that you have a buying guide.

What exactly is a robot vacuum cleaner?

It is an appliance that vacuums the floor inch by inch without you having to move a finger. Thanks to technology, with the 21st century these devices incorporate sensors that facilitate cleaning. They are capable of turning 360º, detecting obstacles or changing direction, as well as being programmable. They stand out for their autonomy and suction power.

What differentiates a conventional vacuum cleaner from a robot vacuum cleaner?

Fundamentally, that in most robot vacuum cleaners it is necessary to empty the containers after use. On the other hand, with the conventional vacuum cleaner, it is enough to empty the bag when it is full of dust. Robot vacuum cleaners do not usually incorporate waste bags, but only a container. This deposit must be washed frequently.

Why buy a robot vacuum cleaner?

First of all, because it makes your life easier. If you are a pet owner, you will also save a lot of time. If your home is well suited to a robot vacuum, you’ll gain 80 percent of the time you spend vacuuming.

It is important that the address is compatible with the robot. Otherwise, you will have to spend time “watching” it.

Are robot vacuum cleaners suitable for deep cleaning?

It depends on the model. Deep cleaning must still be done by hand if the robot is not one of the most modern. For optimal performance, it is helpful to adapt the house to the robot and remove obstacles. However, the robot is really helpful on smooth floors (parquet, tiles) and there are already models capable of thoroughly cleaning a room.

How should the design of a robot vacuum cleaner be to be effective?

The bigger the robot, the harder it is to get around corners. Its size is important or it won’t suck under a chair. Therefore, the lower and smaller the robot, the easier it will be for it to pass through narrow spaces. Manufacturers are still looking for ways to integrate technology and mechanics into a smaller device.

What technical differences are there between the various types of robot vacuum cleaners?

The biggest difference between them lies in the movement. Some move randomly through the rooms, but others make systematic rounds. Depending on the technological advance, there are also appliances that can be controlled with a remote control. Let’s see in the following table what their specific differences are:

random deviceTechnologically advanced devicesState-of-the-art devices
They use contact and ultrasound sensors to raise and lower different heights of the room.They rely on cameras or laser technology to regularly scan the ceiling and create a floor plan of the room to be cleaned.They use 360-degree laser navigation to navigate around a house and do their job effectively.

How long does the battery of a robot vacuum cleaner last?

Due to different models and prices, there is a big difference in battery life. Most models have an autonomy that ranges between 60 and 90 minutes. In addition, there are some aspects of battery life that need to be clarified, such as the following:

  • A shorter duration does not mean that the model is cheaper or offers worse results.
  • There are very expensive models that only allow 45 minutes of autonomy. Others offer 150 minutes and are cheaper.
  • They are usually intended for industries and their execution time can reach 200 minutes.

How many square meters does a robot vacuum cleaner cover?

Robot vacuum cleaners are usually designed for apartments and cover at least 60 square meters (m²). There are many models that reach more than 100 m². For large spaces, generally industrial, the robot covers between 300 and 500 m². The surface that the device covers is important.

Some aspects must be taken into account:

  • The longer the battery life, the more surface the robot can cover.
  • If the model is too tall, the robot will not be able to clean under chairs and sofas.
  • Therefore, take into account the height of the device and the measurements of your furniture.

Are robot vacuum cleaners usually very noisy?

The quietest models have a volume of 60 decibels. For its part, the loudest usually reach 90 decibels. Generally, robots with bags are set at 60 decibels, the volume of a normal conversation. By comparison, the noise level of bagless robot vacuums is between 60 and 90 decibels.

What are the characteristics of robot vacuum cleaners?

Unlike the normal vacuum cleaner, the robot offers a series of functions that serve to achieve optimal performance. Many of the models on offer come with extras, such as wet cleaning or special filters for allergy sufferers. Let’s see below the key aspects of a robot vacuum cleaner:

space detection

Briefly, the robots can pass through the selected area randomly or systematically. The choice of one or another formula influences the price, as well as the results. Their fundamental differences are:

  • Random or non-systematic detection assumes that the model works with contact or ultrasonic sensors. In some areas it does not work or the robot passes the same place several times.
  • Space systematic detection works much better. The robots create a map of the room with cameras and lasers. Thus, they scan the ceiling each time it is used and are more efficient. Each of the two systems has advantages and disadvantages:
Non-systematic or random detectionModels are generally cheaperIt may be necessary to improve the result manually
systematic detectionElectricity savings and more uniform resultMore expensive and do not absorb stubborn dirt

brushes and rollers

Most robot vacuum cleaners incorporate an accessory as a brush. These can be placed on the front of the device and/or on the side. The robot uses them to direct all the dirt towards the suction area. Especially, the side brushes are used for the corners of the rooms. For best performance:

  • Clean combs and hair accessories regularly.
  • The brushes must be replaced due to their high wear.
  • The brushes on some models can be removed, making them easy to clean.
  • Some models have rollers instead of brushes.
  • Generally, they are made of rubber and easier to clean, without losing suction power. However, they are criticized because they do not vacuum as well as models with brushes.


Many users choose programmable models because they allow homework to be done without anyone being home. The timer function makes it easy to specify when and how long the cleaning should last. Its main disadvantage of this type of model is that it can get stuck. If this occurs, the device will remain in one place until its position is manually changed.

cleaning function

If you need a robot that also scrubs, it is important to purchase a specific model. They have a microfiber cloth that is continuously moistened by a tank inside the unit. Other models even feature a divided reservoir that separates dirty water from clean water. They are more hygienic and can be emptied separately.


Allergy sufferers have models with HEPA filters to retain dust particles. This feature often relieves allergies. The filter is cleaned and replaced by hand. If it cannot be removed, cleaning is done directly on the robot. There are models where the old filter sits in a housing that can be removed separately.

Although most models now have a HEPA filter or a similar type, it is still necessary to pay attention to whether it is available in the model description.

What special features do robot vacuum cleaners have?

In addition to the functions that have already been mentioned, there are features that may be relevant to you. Not all models are equipped with these features. Therefore, if you like something, you should make sure that the chosen product includes some of these traits:

Remote controlIt allows you to operate directly from the sofa to send instructions. It is recommended if the device has missed an area and needs to be reworked.
Control via AppsWith an app, you can check if the robotic vacuum cleaner has already completed its activity. Also if you may have got stuck in one place and now need help. Also, you can control the app remotely if you are on the go.
Charging stationMany models have a battery charging station. After work is done, or when the battery runs out, the devices return to their base and charge independently.

What is usually the capacity of the containers of robot vacuum cleaners?

Most devices can hold between 0.2 and 0.8 liters of dust and dirt. Occasionally, there are models that can accommodate up to 3 liters. A higher capacity does not mean a higher price. There are different models and with different capacities in all price categories. In addition, it must be taken into account that:

  • If the container is full, the robot will indicate this by means of an LED light or an audible signal.
  • Most of the large capacity models are specifically designed for very large environments.

What types of robot vacuum cleaners exist and which one is right for you?

In principle, two basic types can be distinguished among the wide range of models on the market. Bagged and bagless robots. Most of today’s robot vacuum cleaners are bagless, but you should not forget the bagged robots. They may be especially suitable for you. In any case, we present advantages and disadvantages of both:

Robot vacuum cleaners with bagBagless robot vacuum cleaners
CostBuying spare parts is expensiveSavings in daily emptying and profitable in the long term
EfficiencyIt is efficient and saves time because it does not require additional cleaningCleaning is slower and requires appliance cleaning
Abilitysmaller capacityHigh capacity to absorb large amounts of dust
speedCleaning is fasterCleaning is slower

What type of robot vacuum cleaner is suitable for each home?

Most vacuum devices are suitable for smooth floors. This type of flooring is generally parquet, flooring and tiles. In this case it is not necessary to search for a specific function. It is important to analyze the characteristics of the robot if you have special needs, as we will see below:

  • Robots can effortlessly get rid of dust and dirt on laminate, parquet or tile floors.
  • If you also want to mop the floor from time to time, you should choose a robot that incorporates this feature.
  • If you have shaggy rugs, there aren’t many robots on the market that can handle the situation. Even if they do, you’ll need to finish the cleanup by hand or with a vacuum.
  • Low-pile carpets are no longer a problem for modern robot vacuums. Despite this, some less advanced devices can get caught in the transition from floor to carpet.
  • For the ideal cleaning of carpets and pet hair there are specific robots. Generally, they use special rollers and brushes for animals.
  • Current robots usually incorporate a HEPA filter or similar, which is now a common feature. However, if you are allergic to dust you should investigate in the product description.

Purchase criteria

Given the wide range of robot vacuum cleaner models, it is necessary to compare different models before purchasing. In this section we show you a series of important aspects before deciding on a particular product. With these key factors, you will be able to compare and ultimately select the best robot for your needs.


Height is undoubtedly one of the most important criteria for the purchase of a robot vacuum cleaner. The device must be lower than the furniture in your house. Thus, you can clean underneath without problem. Therefore, it is not only necessary to pay attention to the dimensions of the robot vacuum cleaner. You should also measure your own furniture.

A little tip: all manufacturers specify the height of their robot vacuum cleaners, but usually the sensor, which is often located at the top of the device, is not calculated. Analyze well all the characteristics of the device.

product weight

The weight of a robot vacuum cleaner is not very important. Generally, you do not have to lift it high. But if the load of the product is unusually high, it is better to pay attention to lighter models. If the appliance is intended for hard floors (such as tile, parquet or parquet), weight is not an important factor.


A higher capacity is partly reflected in the price, but it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. The height of the device is also influenced by the capacity. The taller the model, the more likely the container can hold larger quantities. In general, a good investment requires at least a deposit of at least 0.3 liters.

sound volume

Like all household appliances, robot vacuum cleaners also generate a level of noise. Depending on the model of the device, it is usually between 60 and 90 decibels. In the following table you can see exactly what consequences a specific noise level can have. Let’s see what the decibel level is comparable to:

decibelsComparable coneffects
40a quiet apartmentThreshold of concentration disorder, but harmless
70a hair dryerMostly safe, but increases risk of vascular disorders
80Heavy traffic/simulacra
90a hand grinderProlonged and unpleasant exposure threatens hearing damage
100a circular saw

battery autonomy

Most models are designed to work constantly for 45 minutes. The most common autonomy time is between 90 and 120 minutes. We recommend that you choose a model with a long service life. That is, between 90 and 100 minutes of charging or a model that automatically recharges when it runs out of battery.

Battery charging time

Most robot vacuum cleaners have a relatively high load rate. There are models that take between 3 and 5 hours, depending on the type of battery. We recommend that you value the charging time well together with the autonomy of the battery. If it is short and the loading time is very long, the product may not be profitable for you.

Do you want certain functions for your robot vacuum cleaner? It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend more money. In each price range you can find different equipment.

design and color

Design plays an important role for many people. The appliance must fit the environment because it is a visible element. Therefore, there is a wide variety of models, both in shape and color. Semi-circular robots are especially suitable for the corners of a room. Color is also important.

Customer experience

A very important factor is customer reviews. You can find information that the manufacturer does not answer in its user manual. This way, you will know if a device can overcome carpets, for example, or if the manufacturer also sells spare parts. Analyzing customer experiences helps you simplify your purchase decision.


Smart robot vacuum cleaners are very helpful appliances in a home. Although they have been present among us for decades, only now do they have affordable prices for any pocket. What’s more, we assure you that your life will take a 360º turn when you see what they are capable of doing.

Ideal for absorbing animal hair, robot vacuum cleaners are perfect as household helpers. They have side brushes and purifying filters to retain dust and allergens. The most modern ones are programmable and you can control them through your mobile. All this at a more than reasonable price. Don’t miss them!

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