Best Tennis Shoe Selection Guide for 2022

  It is often thought that to play tennis; you only need a racket and a ball. But is that all you need? In our opinion, it’s almost as essential to have good tennis shoes to make your game easier. We know that’s why you’re in this guide.

  A good pair of sneakers won’t guarantee you’ll play like Rafael Nadal or Serena Williams. Nor will they make you win a Grand Slam. However, they will help you stay comfortable while playing and suffer fewer injuries. Want to know what the best tennis shoes are? Then please read on.

  The most important thing

  Tennis shoes are a type of footwear that is designed to cushion your footsteps. It is also intended to facilitate movement. Although padel and tennis are very similar sports, the shoes for each game are different.

  Depending on the surface where you play, it is advisable to use tennis shoes with one sole or another. In addition, it is essential to choose the right sneakers for our gender.

  To find the best tennis shoes, you should look at the material and the type of sole. They should also have an excellent cushioning system and fit snugly to the foot.

  Best Tennis Shoe Selection Guide for 2022: our favorites

  You should choose a sneaker that suits your foot and your style of play. However, sometimes the process gets complicated, and all look the same. To help you, we have prepared the following list of the best tennis shoes according to their quality, price, and buyer reviews.

  What you should know about tennis shoes

  When choosing tennis shoes, you have two options. The first is to buy the first ones you find and risk the health of your foot. The second is to learn a little about what type of sports shoe best suits your needs. Here is a list with all the information you need to know to make the right choice.

  Why is it essential to use specific tennis shoes to play tennis?

  Tennis shoes are sneakers specially designed for playing tennis. You run, change direction, and brake abruptly when you play tennis. Therefore, you will need sturdy, flexible, and shock-absorbing tennis shoes. [1]Is it important to wear court shoes while playing tennis?

  The materials are more rigid and resistant, so they are shoes with more excellent durability. Wearing tennis shoes will provide you with stability and resistance. In addition, you will avoid ankle injuries. In conclusion, if you use them you will play better, safer and more comfortably.

  What types of tennis shoes are there?

  The tennis shoes we wear when playing tennis must be adapted to the terrain. For example, if we play on grass, we will need shoes that prevent slipping due to dew. We can differentiate the following three types of tennis shoes according to the playing surface:

grass tracksclay courthardcourt
sole typeFlat or with small studsWith herringbone or zigzag patternComplex and modified herringbone pattern
Upper partFlexibleadjustedDura
providesGreat movement speedStability, adhesion, and lateral supportCushioning, strength, and good rebound
recommended forTennis players with a good serve.Baseline players and long shotsFast and robust players. Professional tennis players use them.

  Some studies have shown that fewer injuries occur when playing on clay than when playing on grass. This is because this type of surface causes more occasional slips. [2]Types of Tennis Shoes

  What is the difference between tennis shoes and paddle shoes?

  Tennis shoes and paddle shoes are pretty similar. Both give you an excellent ankle grip, shock absorption, and comfort while playing. The difference between the two is in the type of sole.

soles of tennis shoessoles of padel shoes
Types of movements that favorVertical movements and turnsVertical and oblique movements
track surfaceArtificial grass, cement, porous concrete, resin, or wood courtsFast tracks (grass, brick dust, or cement)
Size of the court or playing spaceGreatMedium and closed with glass or walls

  Tennis shoes are one of the shoes that allow more excellent acceleration, keeping the whole foot on the ground. They provide good balance and high braking speed.

  What are the parts of tennis shoes?

  To assess which are the best tennis shoes for you, you need to know the product well. So, when you read the specifications of the sneakers, you will know what they refer to. We can distinguish the following 6 parts:[3]Making an Athletic Shoe: Anatomy of a Running Shoe

  •   Lining: It is the fabric that covers the entire sneaker.
  •   Tongue: This is the outer area that covers the foot’s instep, below the laces.
  •   Sole: This is the bottom part of the shoe. It is usually made of rubber. The more complex the sole, the longer your tennis shoes will last.
  •   Laces: These strings allow you to adjust the shoes to the foot.
  •   Toe cap: A protective layer for the toes. It provides strength and withstands wear and tear.
  •   Insole: It is an inner part that cushions the blows so that the feet suffer as little as possible.

  What is the purpose of the air chamber in tennis shoes?

  Have you ever seen tennis shoes with a transparent plastic part in the sole? This area is called an air chamber. This type of shoe was introduced to the market by Nike in the 1970s. They were designed to cushion shock and hold their shape longer than the foam used before.

  Air cushions can become punctured. In this case, a shoe will stop cushioning and the stride will be unbalanced.

  Tennis shoes with air cushioning cushion impact better. They also absorb shocks to the joints to prevent injuries. This type of shoe causes the sole to wear out slowly, so the sneakers last longer.

  What is the difference between men’s and women’s tennis shoes?

  Most people think they only differ in size, color, and design. However, contrary to popular belief, the answer is that these are not the only differences.

  Men’s tennis shoes have better cushioning and a heavier sole. This is because men tend to weigh more. However, women’s shoes have more excellent stability and support. Women’s hips are more comprehensive and, therefore, they step differently. In addition, women’s sneakers accommodate smaller heels and have a more flexible sole.

  What precautions should I take when wearing my tennis shoes?

  Tennis shoes are pretty comfortable. However, they can sometimes cause discomfort, chafing, or blisters. To avoid them, you should take the following precautions:[4]4 Tips To Take Care Of Your Running Shoes

  •   Try them on before wearing them on the court for the first time: put them on two or three times to go for a walk. This way, you will avoid discomfort while the shoe adapts to your foot.
  •   Always wear socks: They will serve as a barrier between the shoe and your foot. If you wear them, the shoe will not absorb sweat, and you will avoid foul odors. In addition, you will get less chafing or blisters.
  •   Tie them correctly: Sneakers need to be securely fastened to the foot. Tight enough to prevent you from swaying. But not so close that your muscles and joints don’t have enough freedom.
  •   Make sure they are aired out after each use: You will prevent bacteria caused by physical exercise from staying inside the shoe. You will also ensure that foul odors are eliminated.

  How to clean tennis shoes?

  It has happened to all of us that we have bought beautiful white sneakers, but two days later, they have turned grayish. This is an indication that we are putting them to good use. However, wanting them to be as shiny as on the first day is inevitable. To do this, you can clean them by hand or put them in the washing machine.

  If you decide to clean them by hand, use wet wipes to remove the dirt from the fabric. Another option is to wash them with a bristle brush with detergent and gently scrub the lining. You can also soak your sneakers in a bucket of warm water and mild soap for an hour and then rinse them. [5]How to Clean Your Shoes in 6 Easy Steps

  If you decide to clean your sneakers in the washing machine, you should first look at the instructions on the sneakers. This way, you will know whether or not they can be machine washed. If they can be machine washed, then follow the steps below:

  •   Remove the laces from the sneakers.
  •   Put both the sneakers and the laces in a mesh or cloth bag.
  •   Select a gentle or delicate cycle in your washing machine with cold water.
  •   Once you take them out, let them air dry in the shade. Never dry your sneakers in the dryer or the sun. The heat can deform the rubber of the sole.

  Buying Criteria

  The first thing you should look for in a sneaker is that it should be comfortable. In addition, they must be made with breathable materials so that the foot can “breathe.” Also, check that they fit your foot correctly. If it does not, it will cause chafing and bye-bye comfort! If you want to find the best tennis shoes for your feet, consider the following factors when shopping:


  Good tennis shoes should be comfortable. Much of this comfort will depend on the materials. We want shoes that are neither too stiff nor too flexible. In addition, they should be breathable so that the foot does not “boil.” Therefore, the following materials are recommended:

  •   Synthetic fabric: it needs little maintenance and is relatively light. It facilitates perspiration and avoids infections.
  •   Polyester and nylon: They allow great flexibility and elasticity, so they do not deform. They are waterproof materials that weigh very little.

  Other materials are not recommended, such as smeared leather. Although it is resistant, it is heavy and breathes very little. Another heavy material is polyethylene.


  The fastening of tennis shoes is what gives you support. With a well-fitted sneaker, you’ll be able to accelerate, brake, and jump more comfortably. Plus, you’ll prevent injuries and slips while playing. Most athletic shoes are close with laces. However, others use a Velcro system.



  A fundamental part of playing well is to wear cushioned shoes. A well-cushioned shoe can reduce the stress on the ankles and distribute the tensions along the foot. Two systems help cushion the blows:

  •   Air chamber: This is an air space between the insole and the sole. When the foot touches the ground, the weight of the body will cause the air to compress and reduce the impact.
  •   Sole material: Some sole materials, such as foam or gel, help cushion the foot. This is due to their plasticity and ability to contract and stretch again.


  The sole of the shoe is a vital part. If we do not use an adequate one, we could slip and end up suffering an injury. It must be of good quality and adapted to the surface on which we will play. Below is a table to help guide you:

Spike soleOmniAll court
This sole goes zigzag. Its design is shallow, which makes it wear quickly and slip more. Correctly evacuates the earth.It is made up of small blocks. This favors short and fast movements.It is a sole composed of parts of the previous two. This favors the spike area to wear quickly, although the Omni part can make it difficult to evacuate the earth.
Hard surfaces, especially clay (correctly evacuates the earth)Artificial grass, carpets, and hard surfacesIt can be used on any surface.

  Some people say that the hardness of the sole must be a specific one. However, the truth is that studies show the opposite. Each person feels more comfortable with a level of hardness. Therefore, you should evaluate this and choose the footwear you like the most.


  One of the most important factors when buying tennis shoes is sizing. You have to find the sporty one that best fits the shape of your foot. If you choose the wrong size, your performance in the game will be worse.

  The wrong size sneaker can cause your feet, ankles and even your knees to suffer.

  Tennis shoes should fit your foot correctly but should not be too tight. They should leave you enough room to wiggle your toes without squashing them. Another indication that you are wearing a size too small is chafing.

  To find out what your tennis shoe size is, one option is to go to a store and try on several. If you want to find out quickly and without having to travel, you can also follow these steps:

  •   Place a sheet of paper on the floor.
  •   Use the type of sock you wear to play tennis.
  •   Place your foot on the sheet. Stand straight and with your body weight on your foot, in a natural position.
  •   Outline your foot with a pencil. Make sure the pencil is in contact with the foot at all times.
  •   Measure the length and width of the silhouette. To do this, you must count the longest and widest distance between the two points on the drawing.
  •   Compare these values with the tables provided by the sneaker brand to know your size.


  After reading this article, you already know the best tennis shoes on the market. Remember that it is vital to choose specific sneakers for the sport you will do. Also, don’t forget to wear socks to prevent chafing and let the shoes air out after each use.

  Tennis shoes must be made of quality materials and with sound cushioning systems to protect your feet. The size must be correct. Neither so big that it does not hold the foot nor too small that it does not allow mobility. Finally, remember to buy sports shoes with a sole that adapts to the terrain where you will play.




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