Best Facial Epilator Selection Guide for 2022

  How many times have we delayed the moment of facial hair removal because of the pain it causes or even because of laziness? Indeed, more than once and twice. If this is also your case, we have good news for you. You will never again feel the great pain of waxing or stop waxing your facial hair because of the laziness of the cumbersome task.

  Facial epilators have come into our lives and are here to stay. These little machines make facial hair removal simple, quick, and much less painful. Plus, the results are spectacular and last longer than you think.

  The most important thing

  The face is one of the areas with the most delicate skin. Therefore, when it comes to hair removal, it is essential to do it with a method that is as respectful as possible to the sensitivity of the dermis.

  Facial epilators can provide good results without causing pain and excessively irritating the skin. This is why more and more women are taking the plunge and switching to this new hair removal method.

  When choosing the ideal facial epilator for us, we must consider certain aspects such as the type of epilator, the design, the blades (if any), or the accessories.

  Facial epilator: our recommendation of the best products

  To start getting to know the world of facial epilators, let us begin by making some recommendations. We understand that the offer is extensive and varied, so we have prepared a selection of the four best facial epilators on the market to serve as a guide when choosing yours.

Facial Hair Removal for Women

Facial Hair Removal for Women

Epilation removes 4x shorter hair than wax. Plus eight extras, including a bikini trimmer
Women Shaver & Trimmer

Women Shaver & Trimmer

epilate once and get smooth skin for up to 4 weeks with America’s #1 epilator brand
Braun FaceSpa Pro SE921

Braun FaceSpa Pro SE921

The world’s first and only all-in-one beauty device for facial hair removal, cleansing, and skin tightening.
Braun Face Epilator Facespa Pro 911

Braun Face Epilator Facespa Pro 911

The facial epilator removes 4x shorter hair than wax for a smooth, clear complexion. Facial cleansing removes make-up and impurities 6x more effectively than a manual wash.

  What you should know about facial epilators

  If you are one of those who still use traditional hair removal methods and have doubts about the use, effectiveness, or convenience of using the new facial epilators, don’t worry, you’re in the right place. This section gives you all the answers you need to convince yourself.

  What types of facial epilators are there?

  The first thing to be clear about is that when we talk about facial epilators, we are referring to electric models. Within these, we can differentiate between two types:

  •   A facial epilator that pulls out the hair by the root.
  •   A facial epilator cuts the hair (as if it were a razor).

  Currently, the most demanded are those that pull out the hair, which, although they produce more pain, have longer-lasting results. If we talk about facial epilators in general, whichever type we choose, we can also classify them according to:

  •   Whether they have a trimming head or not.
  •   If they have a light.
  •   If they are water-resistant.
  •   Whether they have a power cord or battery (or both).

  What are the advantages of using a facial epilator compared to other facial hair removal techniques?

  Now that you’ve seen the different types of facial epilators, you’re probably wondering why you should ditch traditional hair removal methods and switch to one of these. Well, take a look at the comparison chart below and draw your conclusions:

facial epilatorWaxDepilatory cream
the aggressiveness with the skinMediaHigh.High.
Duration of resultsAn average of three weeks.Up to four weeks.One or two weeks.
Convenience on the dermis of the faceHigh.Media.Short.
Easy to useA lot.Media.A lot.
PainLittle bit.A lot.Neither.
Hair growth time before useLittle bit.A lot.Little bit.

  In short, we could say that the facial epilator is highly recommended because:

  •   The results are pretty long-lasting.
  •   It does not cause as much pain as waxing.
  •   It is not as aggressive with the skin (as long as the instructions for use are followed).
  •   It is straightforward and quick to use.
  •   It is unnecessary to wait until the hair grows too long to remove it.
  •   It is much more economical in the long run than other hair removal methods.

  What should I consider before using an electric facial epilator?

  As we already know, facial skin is one of the most delicate on the body. Therefore, it is essential that, before using an electric facial epilator, we take into account certain aspects and follow a preparation routine. This way, the results will be better, and the aggression on the skin will be reduced.

  •   Please pay attention to the length of the hair: we mentioned earlier that it is not necessary to wait as long as waxing, but we must make sure that the hair is about three millimeters long so that the machine can pick it up.
  •   The direction is fundamental: always use your facial epilator in the opposite direction to the hair growth.
  •   Prepare the skin: it is essential to wash and exfoliate the area where you are going to use the facial epilator to make the task easier. You can do this up to one day before epilating.
  •   Hot water will be your best ally: with it, you will open the pores, and the hair will come out better when the machine catches it. Wash your face with hot water before waxing.
  •   Ice is a great quick and natural painkiller if it hurts a lot. If you are one of those who can’t stand the pain too much, put ice on before you start, and you will notice the difference.
  •   Moisturizer is the finishing touch: especially because, thanks to it, you will avoid redness on the skin and eliminate the burning sensation that may have appeared.

  You must also try not to expose your skin to the sun right after waxing. The area will be sensitive, and you are more likely to burn. If you follow all these tips, removing hair with the facial epilator will be a piece of cake.

  How long will the results last if I use a facial epilator?

  The duration of the results is one of the issues that most concerns us when we talk about hair removal. In this case, it is essential to differentiate between the two types of facial epilators we discussed earlier (those that cut the hair or pull it out by the root). With the first type, the results last as long as with a razor (about two weeks).

  However, with epilators that pull out the hair, the results usually last an average of three weeks since they use the exact “mechanism” as depilatory waxing. But, of course, without causing as much pain or irritating the skin as this traditional hair removal method. So, you know, the duration of the results is no longer a reason not to switch.

  ”Hair removal with an electric machine is one of the most widely used methods after waxing. These machines have made it possible to pull out the hair from the root and in the fastest and safest way, giving us as an additional benefit that its result will last three to four weeks, and making our skin look neater and cleaner.”

  Can I use the facial epilator on other parts of the body?

  This is a question we often ask ourselves because we want to simplify the devices we have. Well, the first thing to remember is that facial epilators are very small in size, so they are not practical for use on large areas, such as the legs.

  However, they have the exact mechanisms as traditional electric epilators, so there would be no problem using them on other smaller areas of the body, such as the bikini line or underarms. Many women find it much more comfortable to epilate their bikini line with a facial epilator.

  Is epilating suitable for the face?

  She says: “Yes, epilators are safe for facial hair removal, but it’s important to use them carefully. ” She recommends being extremely careful and taking care of the following things when removing facial hair using an epilator: “Epilate in the direction of the hair to prevent ingrown hair.

  Does epilating reduce facial hair growth?

  It cannot alone wholly remove unwanted hair permanently, but using an epilator will reduce hair growth for a more extended period compared to shaving.

  Does epilating facial hair make it grow back thicker?

  With epilation, you get smooth skin that lasts up to 4 weeks. That’s because removing hair from the root means that hair takes longer to grow back than removal with surface methods like shaving and creams. Plus, when it does grow back, it’s softer and more delicate than before.

  Why do I get pimples after epilating?

  The pimples are caused when bacteria enter the empty hair follicle and cause an infection. After epilation, avoid infection-causing activities like swimming, steaming in the sauna, or even excessive sweating.

  What should I put on my face after epilating?

  After rinsing off your skin, apply a non-comedogenic moisturizer. This can soothe newly epilated skin and keep dry skin from clogging your pores and hair follicles. Moisturize twice a day to ease any redness or inflammation from epilation.

  How do you clean a facial epilator?

  Cleaning and maintenance of our facial epilator are essential for two main reasons. Firstly, for the correct functioning and more excellent durability of the machine. And also to prevent the growth of bacteria or fungi that may be harmful when in contact with our skin. Take note of the steps you should follow in cleaning your epilator:

  •   Ensure the epilator is completely turned off and disconnected from the power (if it has a power cord).
  •   Remove the epilator head and remove any remaining hair. Many models have a specific brush for this step.
  •   Clean the head with water and neutral soap.
  •   Dry the head with a cloth (it must be scorched).
  •   If you have used other accessories, heads or blades, repeat steps one to four with each of them.
  •   To clean the handle, consider whether the machine can be submerged underwater. If underwater, with soap and water and dry it thoroughly. If not, you can clean it with a damp cloth to avoid damaging it.
  •   Reassemble the machine and put it away.

  We know it may seem tedious, but considering the size of facial epilators, it won’t take more than five minutes. If you follow this cleaning routine after each use, the machine will last longer in perfect condition and avoid unnecessary skin irritation.

  Purchasing Criteria

  Now that you have finally decided to take the plunge into the new era of hair removal and have a thorough understanding of the type of facial epilator you will be using from now on, the last step you need to take to make a top-notch purchase is to choose the suitable model. To do this, take a close look at the following criteria:

  Design and materials

  The areas where we use a facial epilator are not only very delicate but also very small. Therefore, it is essential that the design of the machine is as ergonomic as possible and that it fits in hand and does not slip. This will allow us to have greater precision when removing hair and to do it more simply and comfortably.

  And if we want to go a step further, it is also essential to consider the materials. On the one hand, it must be a rigid polymer or a resistant aluminum alloy. In addition, nowadays, most models have IPX2 (splashproof only) or IPX3 treatments that allow the epilators to come into contact with water.


  Closely related to the previous criterion, size is another factor to consider when purchasing a facial epilator. In addition to an ergonomic and comfortable design for the hand, the size of this type of machine should not be too large and, therefore, should not weigh too much.

  The ideal size of a facial epilator is about thirty centimeters in length and should not exceed three hundred grams in weight. These dimensions are adequate so that our hand does not get tired while using them and that it is comfortable to use. Ultimately, it’s all about simplifying life.


  Of course, one of the critical points of facial epilators is the blades, as they will be in charge of hair removal. To make sure that we are buying a durable and practical machine, it is essential to make sure that the blades are made of stainless steel.

  This material is water-resistant and holds the blade’s edge well. In addition, it is highly recommended that it undergo a hypoallergenic treatment so that it irritates the skin as little as possible. The most sophisticated models of facial epilators include cutting-edge technology whereby the blades sharpen themselves.


  Last but not least, if we want to have a complete experience with the facial epilator, accessories play an essential role. In this case, the most demanded accessories are the massaging facial brushes, replacement blades, and heads of different sizes for more precise hair trimming.

  Some models come with extra batteries (which never hurt and allow us to take the epilator with us wherever we go), a power cord, and a convenient storage pouch. Look for the accessories you think will be most helpful and choose a model that comes with them.


  Facial epilators have revolutionized the world of hair removal. Their small size can offer millimetric precision and spectacular results with much less pain than other traditional methods, such as waxing. They are also efficient and easy to use.

  In fact, in addition to removing facial hair, they can also be used to depilate other small and delicate areas of the body (bikini line and underarms) in an effective and long-lasting way. Many women are already enjoying their benefits and the quality of their results. And you, what are you waiting for to make the change?

  If you liked our guide on facial epilators, share it with your friends on social networks and leave us a comment, we want to know your experience with these fantastic “little machines”!



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