Advantages and disadvantages of water purifying devices

  A water purifier is a device used to clean the water we drink from the tap of any impurities it may contain. The water we drink is probably safe, but this does not mean it is entirely free of potentially harmful substances or agents. It is precisely these agents that water purifiers rid us of.

  Among the most outstanding advantages of water purifiers we can mention:

  The most obvious benefit is that they allow access to pure water to anyone who wants it. This is especially helpful in areas where water quality is lower. It could also be said that they improve the water quality, wherever it comes from.

  These devices allow anyone to drink water without risk to their health. In other words, they increase safety and reduce the risk of disease or infection from drinking contaminated water. For example, they eliminate the risk of gastrointestinal disorders caused by bad water.

  About the previous point, these cleaners are recommended for any person, but especially for children or pregnant women, or people who may be more prone to suffer gastrointestinal problems.

  They are simple devices that do not require large installations or complicated maintenance systems. Anyone can have a water purifier at home at an economical price.

  Another of the strong points of water purifiers is that they are cheaper in the medium term than buying bottled water. It is true that you have to make an initial investment in the water purifier and that some of its components will need to be replaced with use (filters, for example). Also, you need to use more tap water than the purified water you get. Still, the value for money is far superior.

  Of course, it will also improve the taste of the water. We all know that the saying that water is tasteless is not true and that pure water tastes much fresher and more pleasant than, for example, chlorinated water.

  Finally, we can also mention that using water purifiers also reduces the production of plastic waste. Although plastic bottles are recyclable, many people still do not recycle, and, as a result, these bottles end up as waste everywhere. Water purifiers are already helping to reduce this problem.

  These are the main advantages of water purifiers. Let us now look at one of their points to consider.

  Disadvantages of water purifiers

  There is no doubt that the use of water purifiers brings with it many more advantages than disadvantages, but to try to be fair and objective, let’s also look at some of their less favorable or improvable points:

  It is not a negative point in itself. Still, for a water purifier to fulfill its function, it is necessary to keep it in perfect condition, which mainly involves checking and changing filters. Manufacturers usually incorporate specific instructions in this regard.

  This is very important because if not properly maintained, the filters could become a breeding ground for dirt and bacteria, achieving precisely the opposite effect to that intended. It is estimated that a poorly cleaned filter could cause up to 2,000 more bacteria than in water without passing through the cleaner. Therefore, if you use a cleanser, use it well.



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